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Head To Embassy International Riding School For An Equestrian Escape


    A trip to Embassy International Riding School, makes for an offbeat, rustic, no-fuss getaway on the outskirts of the city with an authentic Italian meal at Ai Cavalli to add charm.

    Ranch Getaway

    Perfect for a day’s escape from Bangalore, Embassy International Riding School is essentially a place you can train to ride. But thanks to chic tented-accommodation, you can even just go there marvel at horses from a distance and simply chill out. You can kick back in one of the luxury pitched tents here that come with all possible amenities. If you’re not quite into the camping lifestyle {although this one really spoils you}, there are suites on offer too. That said, we’d pick the tents any day, every day. So beautifully rustic, and perfect to unwind in with constant din of “neighs” and “harrumphs” in the background!

    In your tent or at the common area, there’s always plenty of sunlight streaming in to really make it seem like you’re in Tuscany. There’s walking trails, horses and the odd goose to hang out with – we can’t think of a better way to spend a leisurely weekend, just lazing. A huge trampoline in the center of the leafy lawns provides enough entertainment once the kids tire of riding their maned companions. Or to bring out the child in you!

    Italian Stallion

    There’s no horsing around when it comes to the food at Ai Cavalli Ai Cavalli {literally translated as ‘by the horses} at restaurant, where a mandatory call {at least a day’s notice} in advance ensures that you’ll be treated to an Italian meal with fresh ingredients sourced locally. Pictures of little tykes in their riding gear, with notes of their equestrian accomplishments to boot, dot the walls at this space, as you stroll through it, beer in hand.

    The Bruschetta here is a fitting start to the meal and it’ll nicely tide you through as you wait for the honey-glazed chicken. The real winner, though, is easily the Spaghetti Carbonara. The rich, creamy concoction hits all the right spots, with the bacon bits providing a crunch to the smooth texture of the pasta.

    So we’re thinking

    Slotting in at the mid-level range for a quick escape from town, we recommend this place for when you want to get out of town but without going too far.

    Where: Embassy International Riding School, 149/2 & 223, Tharahunse Village & Post Bangalore

    Price: INR 4,000 per  night; INR 650 upwards for two for a meal only.

    Contact: 080 2846 8296

    Find out more about them here.