Swathi: A Shining Example Of Fiery Andhra Cuisine That Bangalore Loves

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Yes, we know, there are plenty of legendary Andhra restaurants in town. But, we are convinced that with their spice-laden biryanis and other meaty offerings, Swathi {it’s a chain, we tried the one at Rajajinagar} will make a place for itself on your banana leaf.

Chow Down

Mutton Biryani, Chicken Kakinada, Chilly Chicken

Sip On

Butter Milk, Lassi

Winning For

Their meat-heavy Andhra menu that never fails to fire you up.

Lowdown on the Ambience

Nothing worth gawking at here. A sufficiently spruced up space where you can comfortably enjoy your meal and watch the crowds mill around you.

What’s on the Menu?

There’s no alcohol here but if you insist on something to sip on, try the thick lassi or the buttermilk that’s spiced up and features bits of coriander. There’s also aerated drinks. If nothing works for you, just stick to the bottled water on your table, you are here for the food anyway.

Swathi’s menu is partial to meat lovers. The Mutton Biryani is a particular favourite with patrons and we can see why. The fragrant rice takes on the flavours of the meat beautifully, and the big chunks of mutton are of just the right tenderness. Alongside their biryani, don’t forget to order accompaniments. We particularly love their Chicken Kakinada, pieces of chicken coated in spices and curry leaves before being deep-fried. Their Andhra Chilly Chicken is one of the best the city has to offer. Long slivers of green chillies float about in the curry, and infuse the dish with plenty of heat. Don’t forget to keep those tissues handy.

Like other Andhra places, Swathi too does a filling meal that’s worth your buck. Pile up that rice, drizzle on the ghee and attack. You’ll find the usual suspects here. The daal and greens filled pappu, the peppery rasam, the vegetables mixed in with its fair share of coconut, and the buttermilk to top off your meal on a cool note.

So, We’re Thinking…

Another Andhra restaurant where we can get our fill of biryani and chilly chicken? Brilliant! The more the merrier, right?


Look out for their daily specials, usually side dishes featuring chicken or mutton. Those are worth a try.

Where: Find a Swathi near you here.

Price: INR 600 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.