Twist, Twirl & Take On The Day In Comfort Dresses, Tops & More From Autumn Hues!

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Autumn Hues

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What Makes It Awesome

Clothing, ladies, is evolving each day and while we're eternally tempted to stay on trend, our love for freedom and comfort triumphs anyday. That said, we wouldn't want to dress like somebody from the ancient ages either. If this feels the dilemma you constantly find yourself in too, you'd be pleased to find Autumn Hues on the LBB Shop. Browsing through their collection, our mind visualises us taking happy strolls, hustling at working and chilling at brunch, all at once. 

At large, everything design and fabric wise feels and seems free-spirited and easy to wear and just be in -- which is what we love! Sustainability and earth-friendly material is also at the core of Autumn Hues, so you will notice that everything is a 100 percent cotton,  hemp or linen. These are kinder to the planet and are skin! The silhouettes too are loose and flowy (pleats, peplums, bell sleeves, straight cuts), those that can be worn all day long. 

Like their name, the colours are autumnal and earthy -- so nude blushes, pastel greens and yellows, whites and creams abound. We want to live in the Cinched Sleeve Lemon Green Dress and the Blue Coord Set. Also, if we didn't specially mention the pieces perfect for office wear -- like the Green Formal Skirt with leaf motifs, Peter Pan Collar Black Dress and all the tops -- we wouldn't be doing Autumn Hues justice. Hit 'Shop Now' and check out why we're so excited now! 


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