Watch Fish Watching You, Watching Them At The Bangalore Aquarium

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Get an eyeful of colourful fish from oceans and seas, near and afar, at the Government Aquarium at Cubbon Park.

Sea world

Said to be the second largest aquarium in the country, the Bangalore Aquarium came about in 1983. A rather curious looking, octagonal-building that’s diagonally opposite the Victoria statue, the aquarium sits in a compound by itself. At the base, there’s the office and lab, where visitors are not welcome… at all. You can buy your ticket at the window and walk up the long ramp to the two-storied aquarium.

Fish tales

As you step into the darkened, cool room, on the first level, you’ll see large, lit up tanks. The aquarium features a collection of fish {they don’t have any other seas creatures} from Thailand to Trinidad, South America, and China. There are gleaming grey Pacu, the size of your arm. In the next tank, a pristine white Giant Gourami sits unmoving. In another, a school of eels from Thailand huddle together under an ornamental branch placed in their aquarium. Oscars, Feather Backs, Pangasius Cats are other species you can spot on the first level.

Upstairs, the tanks are tinier and so are the fish. There are Silver Dollars, from South America, that will fit in the palm of your hand. Bright orange, finger-sized Sword Tail fish that are marked by a long, sharp tail. Our personal favourite were the Denison’s Barb, a silvery fish that has a black line that runs through the length of its body. On top of this line, is a shorter vermillion line. The barb also has flecks of yellow and black on its translucent tail. The barbs sure do make for a gorgeous sight and it’s unfortunate that they are on the endangered list. Black Moor Gold Fish, Blue Acara, Moonlight Gourami, and Angelfish occupy the rest of the tanks.

Where: Kasturba Road, Cubbon Park

When: 10am-5pm, closed on Mondays, second Tuesdays and public holidays

Price: INR 15