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Mach, Mishti And More: Celebrate Pujo With A Bengali Meal in Town

Amrita posted on 26 September

From rolls to fish fry and Kolkata-style biryani and Mutton Kosha to be mopped up with fluffy Luchis, every Bengali is a happy camper, when it comes to stuffing his or her face with homegrown food from the state. And when Durga Pujo is happening this weekend, you need to plan your life and your meals between pandal hopping. We have worked out {or rather eaten our way through} a trail of Bengali restaurants and joints you need to hit for some Bong style feasting.

Oh! Calcutta

If it’s Bengali food, it’s got to be at Oh! Calcutta. Smoked Hilsa {boneless}, Gondhoraj Maach {steamed fish flavoured with Gondhoraj lime}, Daab Chingri {prawns cooked in coconut milk and served in a tender coconut shell} and Kosha Mangsho {spicy mutton with a dry gravy} are mainstays here to be had with steamed rice or puffed-up luchis. Finish up your meal with a bowl of Nolen Gur ice cream, ice cream infused with palm jaggery syrup.

Casual Dining

2nd Floor, 14, Above Mainland China, Church Street, Bengaluru

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Bhojohori Manna

Named after the popular Bengali song sung by Manna Dey, this restaurant is known for its budget eats with Kolkata street food style snacks, extensive fish, chicken and mutton menu plus specials such as Potoler Dolma {gourd stuffed with minced meat or prawns}, Postor Bora {fritters made with a paste of poppy seeds}, Dhaka-style Mutton Biryani and more. Apart from Koramangala 6th Block, they also have a restaurant in Jayanagar.

Casual Dining

668-B, 6th Block, Koramangala Club Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru

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Fish Fry, Gandharaj Chingri and Fish Orly are some of the starters you can gorge on here.  Follow this up with mains such as Cholar Dal, Doi Potol, Kacha Lanka Murgi, Daab Chingri and Mutton Dak Bungalow {the menu will change daily}. You can end your meal with Rosogolla Payesh {syrupy rasgullas dunked in sweet reduced milk} and mishti doi. This is happening at their Indiranagar outlet.

When: Durga Pujo Buffet will be on from Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1

Price: INR 1,125 per person, plus tax {Indiranagar} and INR 775 per person, all inclusive {Bellandur}, INR 1,050 for the Durga Pujo buffet {all inclusive}

Contact: Call 080 40927878 for buffet reservations

Timings: noon-3.30pm and 7-11.30pm

Casual Dining

203, Double Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

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Try their prawn specials such as Chingri Poshto {prawns cooked in a poppy seed paste}, Mocha Chingri {a combination of prawns and banana flower}, Lau Chingri {gourd and shrimp} or even the really rich but so-good Prawn Kobiraji {a breaded prawn cutlet dipped in egg and deep fried}.

Casual Dining

355, Opp. HDFC Bank, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

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The Kitchen of Joy

Their Indiranagar outpost does simple but really good snacks such as Kathi Rolls, Singhara {samosa}, Egg Devil, Fish Chop and Luchi with Mutton Kheema or Aloor Dum with a range of cha or tea, while the Kaggadasapura one is a full-fledged Bengali joint with Kolkata Chinese dishes added to the menu too. Their Bengali thalis {vegetarian, fish, chicken and mutton} are good value for money and don’t miss out on their weekend offerings of Khichudi {khichdi} and Shukto {a medley of vegetables cooked with Bengali five spice and mustard paste in a white curry}. Recent additions include a cracker of a Bhetki Fish Fry to the menu and weekends are reserved for chicken or mutton biryani.

Casual Dining

2nd Floor, Above South Indian Bank, Next To Bata, LB Shastry Nagar, Kaggadasapura, Bengaluru

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Apart from the usual Bengali fixes, Sorse does a Tangra-style Chicken Wings {a nod to Kolkata’s Chinatown and its offerings}, and a Macher Dimer Bora {crumb fried fish roe}, apart from rolls, chops and cutlets. The Poshtor Borar Jhal {poppy seed kofta dunked in gravy}, Shorshe Potol Narked Diye {gourd cooked in mustard and coconut paste}, Poshto Mutton or Chicken, and Murgh Musaallam {influenced by Mughlai cuisine of Kolkata} are some of the dishes to pay attention to. A small section of the menu is also devoted to dishes from the neighbouring state of Orissa. Weekdays are dedicated to lunch and dinner thalis at only INR 195. They have a Durga Puja feast on, called the Maha Bhoj, which is a buffet consisting of over 20 dishes, including Kolkata chicken biryani, bhetki malaiaam pora shorbet and mishti doi. 

When: FridaySeptember 29- Saturday, September 30 {Durga Pujo buffet}

Price: INR 1,195, inclusive of all taxes

Contact: Call 080 40919946 for reservations

Timings: noon-4pm and 7-11pm.

Casual Dining

33, Sundari Armadale, Near Forum Value Mall, Whitefield Main Road, Bengaluru

Decker's Lane

Named after the famous lane in Kolkata, a favourite eating out destination for office-going Calcuttans, this joint offers all kinds of street food, short eats and some mains. Expect chicken, mutton and egg biryani along with Mughlai Parota {egg, chicken, paneer and mutton}, rolls, cutlets and more.

Casual Dining

Kundanahalli Gate, Sai Baba Temple Road, Next To Family Value Mall, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

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bFlat and Highnote Bar and Dining

Though not a Bengali restaurant, Highnote’s selection from Bongland is quite authentic. Aloo Poshto, Malai Chingri, Bhetki Paturi, and Mutton Kassa among other dishes complete the Bengal experience here.


776, 2nd Floor, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

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Koshe Kosha

Start your meal here with an Aam Pora Shorbot, a refreshing Bengali summer drink where roasted mango pulp is muddled in a glass with water, sugar and a hint of cumin. Or the Bengali take on the lassi with a squeeze of Gondhoraj lime thrown in {Gondhorajer Ghol}. Vegetarians, go for their Jhinge Aloo Poshto {potatoes and ridge gourd cooked in poppy paste}, Narkel Cholar Dal {chana dal cooked with raisins and coconut bits}, Chanar Dalna {cottage cheese cooked in a gravy}. Fish lovers, Poshto Ilish {hilsa cooked in poppy paste} Shorshe Ilish {hilsa cooked in mustard} and Bhetki Jhaal in a mustard and tomato gravy are dishes to try here. There’s also Dhakai Mangsho, a spicy mutton curry cooked with whole spices and a touch of cumin, best had with pulao, a sweet rice flecked with dry fruits and nuts.

For Durga Puja, they have introduced a special menu, with dishes like Malai Bhetki, Kancha Lonka Murgi {chicken curry with loads of green chillies}, Golda Shorshe {lobster in mustard sauce} and Nolen Gur Ice cream.

Casual Dining

1017, 1st Floor, 80 Feet Road, 1st Block Koramangala, Bengaluru