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Berry Bee Has Non-Toxic Toys That Grow With Your Children

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever noticed how your baby is at times more interested in an empty cardboard box than the toy that arrived in it? Or how they reach out for mundane household items more than they would for fancy rattles? Child play can be fascinating to watch, particularly when the right kind of toys are involved. Toys that fuel the little one's imagination further instead of limiting it. Toys that grow with the child, allowing them to nurture their natural curiosity and creativity. Berry Bee offers toys that encourage open-ended play, are travel-friendly and super easy to maintain.

As much as we would like to keep the walls or furniture of the house off limits when it comes to scribbling, kids need freedom to create. Berry Bee has chalkbooks made of MDF and painted with lead free (non-toxic) chalkboard paint, that the little ones can scribble away in. Draw, wipe, repeat - no more wasting paper. These come in a drawstring bag making it easy to carry it wherever they go. 

Berry Bee’s memory and matching game, made of cotton fabric, is unlike most puzzles you get in the market. It comes with detachable rows and can be adapted to suit your child’s age. Use it to help the child identify the pictures at an early stage. As the child grows, turn it into a matching game. Once the child has learnt to match, use it as a memory game! 

I quite like the concept of Berry Bee’s lacing toys. It’s a great way to introduce your child to sewing and it’s varied benefits. Lacing toys help in developing motor skills, improving focus and teaches the importance of patience and self-control. 

Want kids’ room decor that doubles up as a learning tool? Berry Bee’s educational posters make for great wall decor, while creating a fun learning zone at the same time. Turn that bare wall into a colourful and informative space. Best part? The posters are made of fabric to keep all crinkling and tearing worries at bay. You must invest in their hopscotch cum yoga mat. It’s vibrant, durable and a whole lot of fun. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. It will also add to the room decor - avoid the rug, spread out the play mat and let them hop around!