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Bathroom Bliss: 15 Ways To Revamp & Make The Bathroom Your Fave Spot At Home!

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Downtime in the bathroom is unparalleled. The joy of complete privacy coupled with just you and your thoughts floating around with no sense of time, need we say more? But we bet you don't romanticise this routine wake-up and wind-down times as much as you should, simply because you haven't paid enough attention to turning the bathroom into a zen pod! It's never too late, plus you now have this list of bathroom decor products that will bring the calm and the spa home! 

Stylish Planters

Concrete T-Mark Planters


Any area at home can benefit from the addition of greenery but somehow the bathroom is always at the tail end of this blessing! Funny, because spotting a little or a lot of green here can instantly put you at ease. For this we recommend this Concrete T-Marker Planter from Eliteearth. Best to add a succulent, cause these survive better in less sunlight and humidity. Need more options? We have everything from metal, wicker to hanging and wall planters here

Lively Plants

Artificial Alocasia Plant

Artificial Alocasia Plant


Remember how we mentioned that most bathroom areas have indirect light and high humidity? If you think your plant won't last a day, believe us, this Dieffenbachia Plant or Alocasia Plant won't ever die on you! These artificial plants from PolliNation need minimal tending and look super duper real! Head here to browse through more exquisite plants.

All-Purpose Laundry Baskets

Tall Laundry Basket


Nobody likes dirty clothes thrown on the bathroom floor or worse, hanging around! Not a pleasant sight. This lovely braided Tall Laundry Basket will not only get prepping and sorting for laundry out of the way but will also complement any neutral-tone bathroom with its rustic style. You could also use this as a waste basket! Leave it close to the wash basin or anywhere away from direct contact with water. We've got plenty other styles here

Sleek Bathroom Sets

Bathroom Set (Set of 4)


Those different coloured plastic hand soap bottles, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders; the whole set is just bad taste and bad environment choices! Plus, they do nothing for your bathroom's aesthetic. What you need is this luxurious-looking Ceramic Bathroom Set from Home Struck. The marbled effect in design and the many components in use make this an inexpensive way of making your bathroom look like a million bucks.

Cool Or Opulent Rugs

Fluora Natural Hairon Leather Rug


Rugs definitely need a presence in your bathroom, especially for those times when you have to run out the shower at the sound of the bell without skidding! Shop On LBB has multiple options here, from plush to absorbent, ribbed to soft here. Our picks are the Dazzhome Hairon Leather Rug for bigger bathrooms (love the beehive design and neutral colour of this one) and the Ida Multicoloured Rug from The Nascent, for smaller spaces. Find more options here.

Quirky Or Fancy Hangers

Safety Pin Towel Hanger


Less classic, more fun bathroom? Then yours definitely needs the addition of Gingerline Homedecor's Safety Pin Towel Hanger or Mianzi's cool Bamboo Hangers. These unique designs will add to the playfulness that you are after. Fancy bathroom peeps, you must get this Fleur-de-lis Wall Hook from Topp Brass in gold. Make sure not to hide these hangers behind the door or in a corner, even if you aren't going to be using them, they're good enough as just decor/accents. 

High Utility Mirrors

Pocket Mirror


No bathroom space is complete without a mirror. After all, you deserve to admire your squeaky clean self after a luxurious soak! With Mohh's stylish Pocket Wall Mirror you not only get to do this but you can also discreetly stash your accessories in the thoughtfully designed open shelf on the side. Full points for easy accessibility too. Not to leave you spoilt for choice, but to leave you spoilt for choice, Shop has many other mirror options including vanity, cheval and zoom mirrors here.

Lit Lamps

Handcrafted Love Song Wall Lamp (Set of 2)


Lamps, especially table and wall lamps can spruce up a mundane bathroom aesthetic. Like Bird Lamp from Insanitiez on a bathroom top throws a beautiful warm yellow light. It also looks equally appealing when off because of its unique bird on a tree design. This handcrafted Love Song Wall Lamp from Soulspiti has an interesting appeal on its own as a wall accents or can sit above a mirror too. 

Charming Curtains

Sequined Off White Sheer Curtains (7ft)


Fabric shower curtains are increasingly being used in bathrooms just to breathe in some life to the setting. Whether you have a tub or a shower space, a curtain is a fun element to play around with when it comes to bath decor. We like this Self Textured Curtain in off white and the White Sheer Curtains both from Zeba on Shop On LBB. If you like to play around with prints, colours and textures, we have a host of other curtain options available. These are of course built for doors or curtains but can easily be repurposed to fit our bathrooms.

Convenient Trinket Trays

Avni Carved Tray


Though many would argue that trays belong on dining tables, you definitely need one in the bathroom to neatly arrange your perfumes, serums and other skincare essentials on. These are great to place jewellery or watches on too, especially when you're stepping in to freshen up quickly and do not want to ruin what you're wearing. Aside from being super useful, bathroom accessory trays can also add colour and design relief to a bathroom decor set up. We like the vintage vibes HomeVedaa's Carved Tray is throwing at us. Shop On LBB has too many trays to choose from, these are mostly serving trays but nobody is asking not to think out of the box!

Classy Accessory Containers

Blue Floral Marble Inlay Storage Box


Like the trays, your bathroom countertop also deserves sophisticated accessories in the form of storage containers or canisters just like this Blue Floral Marble Inlay Storage Box from Bicittra. Use this to store hair ties, cotton balls, earbuds or even shaving supplies. 

Zen Diffusers

Electric Buddha Diffuser

Electric Buddha Diffuser


Remember the calm and the peace we were asking you to invite to the restroom? The first step to that process is getting yourself a good-looking diffuser like this Blue Pottery Diffuser from Viskaa Store or this Electric Buddha Diffuser from Ajna Organics, both pretty as a picture! When not in use, you guessed it they double as decor pieces. Find multiple designs options here.

Relaxing Diffuser/Essentials Oils

Eucalyptus Essential Oil- 70 gm


Essential oils infuse the feeling of tranquility into your space, letting you enjoy the feeling of being elsewhere without having to move away from your bathroom! These multipurpose little bottles of delight can be used as a bath oil (add to the shower floor or the tub) or as a diffuser oil. We're picking the calming and healing Lavender Essential Oil just before bedtime and the herbaceous, sinus clearing Eucalyptus scent to start each day. Both from Clay Essentials. Need other fragrances? Head here.

Calming Candles

Concrete Candle - Set Of 2


Nothing sets the bath time mood quite like a couple or a set of candles placed around the bathroom area. Those with fragrances only add to the ambiance. Many candles double as body oils and butters to indulge in after a glorious shower. Come to think of it, pretty candles also add appeal and once they've burnt out can be used as a jar to hold brushes and cotton swabs! This pack of 12 Teakwood Scented Shot Glass Candles are perfect to put around and light up. For more style, opt for this Concrete Candle Set from Joyous Beam Candles. Find more scents and design options here.

Soothing Soaps & Bath Salts

Drunken Wine and Beer Soap - 100gm


Finally, meditate and enjoy your now elevated bathroom with the help of fragrant and frothy soaps and bath salts that are all natural and good for you! We suggest relaxing and unwinding after a long day with suds of Drunken Wine Soap from Wild Earth (a blend of grape, green tea and jasmine) or empty a generous portion of soothing Stress Relieving Pink Himalayan Bath Salt from Kaura India to relax your muscles and your mind. More bath and body essentials await you here