More Than Just Tasty: Top Recipe Apps That'll Make You The Best Quarantine Masterchef

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Since lockdown began a few centuries back (okay, but it does feel like a long time ago) one thing that the LBB Crew has done is whip up some cool recipes. Just check out our LBB Cooks & Recipe section. That being said, we've all been using some well-known recipe apps to get our cooking game strong and we thought hey, let's make a list. So here's a list of all the top recipe apps that you need to download right now. And yes guys, we have more than just Tasty.

BBC Good Food

With over 10,000 recipes neatly divided into various collections ranging from Easy Cocktails to Cheap Baking, BBC Good Food is one of the top recipe apps you need on your phone. You will find all kinds of recipes that are user-submitted as well as those by celebrity chefs and BBC Good Food team. All the recipes have step-by-step guides to ensure that you cook properly and also there's a Cook Mode feature that you can use so that the screen doesn't switch off while you are cooking. You can save recipes and create collections of your favourite kinds of food as well. 

Available on: iOS and Android. It's a free app. 

Hebbars Kitchen

Arguably one of the best recipe channels on YouTube when it comes to Indian food, the app also have all kinds of vegetarian Indian food recipes that go beyond just paneer and aloo. The collections include Appetizers to Chutney Recipes and Cookies to Gluten-free recipes. All the recipes have the YouTube video attached to it which you can view within the app and there are pictorial step-by-step methods for all the recipes. 

Available on: iOS and Android. It's a free app. 

Jamie's Ultimate Recipes

One of our favourite recipe apps, Jamie's Ultimate Recipes has all the recipes created by the British chef Jamie Oliver. What we really like about this app is that you have cooking tips and tricks too. If you are just starting out in the kitchen or forced to cooking during this period, then nothing like learning how to separate eggs to how to cook rice. The collections include everything from poached eggs to an all-out chocolate cake. 

Available on: iOS only. It's a one-time-only paid app which you can buy on App Store for INR 549. 


It's a great recipe app that learns your interests and tastes overtime and recommends recipes that you will enjoy cooking. Even when you start out it'll ask you for your favourite cuisines as well as allergies and your cooking level, so that once you start you get a bunch of recipes based on your preferences. The recipes are a mix of guided, video-only, and text-only content. We like that you can also make an in-app grocery shopping list so that while you are ordering groceries online, you know exactly what you want to order. 

Available on: iOS and Android. It's a free app. 


You don't need us telling you about Tasty. It's one of the best recipe apps there and god knows how many times we are tried to replicate their recipes at home. You'll find videos on almost all kinds of cuisines most of which are easy to make at home. Do check out their guide section that will give you a comprehensive guide to various recipes. We love their three-ingredient recipes and they have like over 50-recipes you can do. 

Available on: iOS and Android. It's a free app.