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Mai Tai, Rum & Coke Or Mojito: Best Indian Rum Brands To Drink Up


    Ah, you’re looking for something strong. Well then, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s to have on the rocks, with a cola or to stir up a cocktail, here are some of India’s best homegrown rum brands. To make your life easier, we’ve also included a few cocktail mixes and even a non-alcoholic rum & cola for those nights that you don’t really need the alcohol. So, kickback Tiki style, take a leaf out of Captain Jack Sparrow’s book and go “yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.”

    Old Monk

    This truly is legendary, iconic and all things good. So, we HAD to start the list with the OG Indian rum, Old Monk. Founded in 1954, Old Monk became an instant hit. Not too expensive (at all!), this dark rum is more about the memories you will make when a bottle of it is involved than anything else! If you’ve lived under a rock and never tried this before, expect hints of caramel, chocolate and peach, though it’s really not sweet at all. 


    A hot new favourite for rum, Makazai means ‘I Want’ in Konkani, and clearly everyone wants it! With two options to choose from it’s quite the craze, and we love it. The white rum has a floral and sweet taste while the gold rum is a bolder flavour with hints of honey, cinnamon and vanilla too. We quite like it with ginger ale if you’re looking to mix yourself a cocktail. 

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    Cabo White Rum

    Another import from Goa, Cabo White Rum is a coconut-y drink that you can either mix into a cocktail or just have it on the rocks. Sweeter than most other rums, it’s got a tropical hit to it, no matter how you eventually drink it. If you are swanning around Goa, this is a great pick-me-up for the beach side, or your homestay. Or, if you love your friends very much, then a great souvenir to bring home...legally. 

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    Segredo Aldeia

    From a tropical Portuguese Goa village famed for its rum, Segredo Aldeia tells the tale of Goa’s history, in a bottle. Distilled by Fullarton Distillers, there are two variants - a white rum and a cafe rum. The former is clear and you’ll get a creamy, herby, peachy taste. While the latter is a gorgeous amber that gives off whiffs of toffee and vanilla and tastes of dark chocolate.

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    & Stirred

    If you like your drinks to have 0% alcohol but want in on the good vibes, try & Stirred’s premixes. Really, you’ll be everyone’s best friend because their Pina Colada (and Mojito also!) will bring the party to you. Perfect for when you want the tropical vibe at your party minus the tropical hangover the next day. The best part is that the premixes themselves taste yummy, and well balanced as a mocktail. Of course, you can freely mix in your choice of white rum too if you’re feeling the weekend spirits regardless!

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    Svami Progressive Drinks

    Svami Drinks

    Available on LBB

    This one is accurate cheating. It's Rum & Cola from Svami, but with 0% alcohol. Don't judge. It's amazing! A low calorie cola that is flavoured with vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, it gets the taste of rum and cola spot on, with a dash of lime too. You can have as many as you like, especially since it amounts to only 56 calories, and wake up the next day with no hangover! 

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