Hoarder Or Minimalist: Organise Your Shoes Without Ruining Your Room's Aesthetic

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A no-brainer piece of furniture that exists in every home. The aim of shoe cabinets these days is either to hide them in plain sight or make them stand out. In both options, the purpose is not to ruin the aesthetic of the area it is placed in, and that is where this list will come in handy.

For The Regular Person With Up To 30 Pairs Of Shoes

Jurou 4 Door Shoe Cabinet in Columbia Walnut Finish

Jurou 4 Door Shoe Cabinet in Columbia Walnut Finish


The Jurou four-door cabinet from Pepperfry is a timeless option if you want to store your shoes in something that looks good but isn’t super fancy. It is quite high, at about 5 feet, so don’t expect this to just melt into a corner! With room for about 24 pairs of shoes, it’s quite a spacious option. Be warned, though. It is a solid 30 kilos, made from engineered wood, that will need a carpenter to fix it for you. 

LBB Tip: This one is counted by Pepper Fry as a best-seller with a 5/5 rating. 

Number Of Shoes: 24+ pairs

Discounted Price: INR 9,749

For The Shoe Hoarder With 35+ Shoes

Webster Shoe Cabinet With Lock

Webster Shoe Cabinet With Lock


I am not judging you. I am one of you. I will simply point to in the direction of this Webster shoe cabinet from Urban Ladder. In a smoked walnut brown, it fits into most colour schemes and is intended for indoor use. With two sets of two-door cabinets, this one has plenty of room for upwards of 40 pairs of shoes. The shelves are set low though at 5 inches, so not for sky-high heels or boots. But there is a lock on each door so your prized possessions can be safe from intruders - like siblings who never return shoes they take. Or BFFs who pretend they will only “borrow” the shoes. 

LBB Tip: The depth of the shelves are good for shoes up to UK size 10 only. If you have much smaller feet then you can stock more shoes in sideways!

Number Of Shoes: 48 pairs

Discounted Price: INR 14,811

For The Minimalists With Less Than 12 Pairs

Lewis Brown Engineered Wood Two Door Shoe Cabinet with Drawer and 4 Shelves

Lewis Brown Engineered Wood Two Door Shoe Cabinet with Drawer and 4 Shelves


This two-door shoe rack from Home Centre is functional as it is stylish. In a nice deep brown, you have plenty of space for 16 pairs - heels included. The shelves are high enough for large shoes, and the fact that this one has a sleek drawer included makes it even better, now you have a designated place for your socks too. Use the top as a tabletop for photo frames, planters, books and more.

Number Of Shoes: 16 pairs

Discounted Price: INR 9,799

For Style & Space

Elanza Shoe Rack

Elanza Shoe Rack


For people who love to showcase their collection and don’t hoard, this tower from Urban Ladder is great. Especially for a modern house or a studio apartment. Nifty with a drawer at the bottom, and a shelf at the top, it serves as a key holder, and sock drawer too!

LBB Tip: Two shelves are about 8 inches in height for your heels, hiking boots or high-top basketball shoes. 

Number Of Shoes: 14 shoes, and about 18 slippers/flip flops

Discounted Price: INR 11,549

For Shoes In The Closet

Home Style India Over The Door Shoe Organizer with 24 Reinforced Pockets Assorted

Home Style India Over The Door Shoe Organizer with 24 Reinforced Pockets Assorted


Ah keep it all neat and tidy in the closet. Well, make sure to take your shoes out and air them in the sun frequently, and also put them in only after you’ve cleaned, wiped and dried them after wearing. You can even just put in any open rack in the closet, but that isn’t the most practical. This over-the-door shoe organiser is practical, easy to use and priced reasonably well. While it’s great for your daily wear shoes, these don’t really fit your sneakers, and hiking shoes. Plus, if you put in stilettos, be extra careful not to tear the pockets, though they say they're reinforced, you can never underestimate the power of Choos and Louboutins! 

Number Of Shoes: 20 or 24

Discounted Price: INR 579

For The Sneakerheads

Sneaker Crates

Sneaker Crates


If you love to cop the best sneakers then it only makes sense for you to display those beauties. Not to dismiss that it is acceptable wall decor. We personally like the side drop ones, these boxes are suitable for shoe sizes up to UK14. They have four different colours — black, clear, red, and clear —to match the aesthetic of your room. For another option, check out this stackable set on Amazon.

Number Of Shoes: 1 pair per crate

Discounted Price: INR 1,599 per crate. You can also buy them in packs of two to 50.

For The Boots Wearer

Shelf Unit, Dark Grey

Shelf Unit, Dark Grey


As someone with one too many boots, let me assure you, this category is the hardest to find in the country. My advice? Customise it with your local carpenter, based on the number of boots you have and their height. Too lazy? Understandable. Get this IKEA rack then, which is definitely not meant for boots, but easily works for boots! The Lerberg until will give you easy access to the shoes, while also ensure they're well aired. What's great is you get to create your own personalised interest aesthetic with this one. Add planters on the top or mirrors to make it look pretty!

Number Of Shoes: 9-10 pairs of boots

For Everything Else…

Be it shelves, cabinets, fold-out cabinets, in-closet racks, IKEA has a range of options. There’s also Home Centre which REALLY kits you out with fabric shelves, open-out cabinets, proper cupboards, those with seating to sit and tie your laces. And then there’s of course, there’s your good old local furniture stores which we’ve got picked out for you if you’re in Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai