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Love Baggit Slings? You'll Also Love These Functional Sling Bags On Shop On LBB


    Lugging around a big bag or purse almost paints a picture of labour in our minds. If you tire from the same, Sling Bags are your rescue buddies. Big enough to carry around all your essentials yet easily portable (to an exotic country or an office), these babies are also incredibly stylish and in recent times have made a comeback as an unparalleled body accessory. Here's our round up of Sling Bags on Shop On LBB that are functional, fun, and finance-friendly. 

    No Nonsense Daily Sling

    Contrast Piping Detail Solid Textured Cross-Body


    Sling bags are convenience max. No stopping to take off your bag and rummaging through its entirety to find one small thing. Just carry about your business and simply shift a sling to your front and find exactly what you're looking for in the main compartment! Allowing you to do this on the daily is this no nonsense, Gusto Contrast Piping Detail and Solid Textured Cross-Body that has one compartment and inner pocket. Just adjust its straps to shit fashionably on the front and show off its minimalist, simple yet functional design.

    Designer Diva Sling

    Rose Embroidered Round Cross-Body


    Perfect and more appropriate for a date night out or a special occasion, the designer sling is as pretty as it gets in the sling universe. This doesn't mean they compromise on space and use. This gorgeous Rose Embroidered Round Cross-Body from Pochette boasts premium quality and effortless style. It has two pockets and 2 zips enough to store essentials for the night like makeup, cash and cards and a phone and a wallet. Take this on a holiday too to make a touristy statement!

    Get To Work Laptop Sling

    Front Pocket Detail Solid Textured Laptop Sling


    A laptop sling is a saviour in so many ways, but most importantly ergonomically. It works with the way your shoulders are designed to eliminate neck, shoulder, and backache. This on-point Front Pocket Detail Solid Textured Laptop Sling from A And S Accessories is designed to fit in your laptop but also has an extra internal compartment to carry other work essentials like a notebook and a wallet and some stationery too. Use the external front pocket to put your phone makeup in, this also allows for easy access! Carry this with the strap across your chest, this way the weight of the bag is supported by your hip or back which lessens the pull of the bag on your shoulders and neck.

    Stylish Drum Dump Sling

    Tan Barrel Bag With Floral Side Panel


    For those who enjoy the style of a sling but still could be bothered with the extra zips and compartments, an uber good looking drum or barrel sling like this Tan Barrel Bag with Floral Side Panel from Tangerine will do the trick. It has magnet front buttons that open in a jiffy to one spacious box-like compartment where you can just dump all you need and run with it. With the easily adjustable straps you can wear as short or long as you'd like. 

    Bohemian Indie Sling

    Tassel Detail Spade Printed Cross-Body


    Purely on here for aesthetic preferences, if you want to bring some indie pizzaz to your everyday style, pick this Tassel Detail Spade Printed Cross-Body from Vivinkaa. It has a pretty printed cotton exterior and has one compartment and inner pocket, and also an external zip and slot. It's U/trapeze shaped which means it has more space than regular slings and can easily fit a lunch box or a tiny water bottle together with other basics.

    Ethnic Chic Sling

    Digital Patola Printed Green Cross-Body


    Ethnic festivities and occasions demand a fancy desi sling of its own which is why Urban Ethnic Bags' Digital Patola Printed Green Cross-Body makes the cute. It's a straightforward, clutch shaped sling with one compartment and one inner zipper, enough to carry everything you'll need for a one-day function. Further, its long gold chain and poly silk colourful print makes it an ideal ethinc sling.

    Easy Envelope or Wallet Sling

    Snakeskin Effect Envelope Cross-Body


    Heading for a casual day out? Carry an envelope or a wallet crossbody bag. It's fuss-free and is designed for days when all you need is your cell phone and basic wallet essentials like your cash and cards. With Imars Fashion's Snakeskin Effect Envelope Cross-Body, this type of sling is also super duper trendy! You can ditch the strap to also use it just as a wallet on certain days, if you'd like.

    Formal Messenger Sling

    Handmade Black Aztec Print Messenger Bag


    A messenger sling plays right into a formal set up and looks like a cool sack when worn across. It's definitely bigger than the classic sling and can either store a laptop or your tablet, along with other work essentials with ease. Usually available only in cloth versions, this Handmade Black Aztec Print Messenger Bag from The Purple Sack plays with cloth and faux leather. We like that it is formal without being too serious.

    Spacious Bucket Sling

    Handcrafted Metallic Rosegold Drawstring Bucket Bag


    A bucket sling looks like a mini backpack, has all the space that a mini backpack would but holds the comfort and style of a sling. Take this trend-setting Metallic Rosegold Bucket Bag comes with drawstrings and an additional pouch that you can treat as a wallet or a makeup carrier, one of Modern Myth's best offerings. Best bit is you can wear this as a cool sling, definitely look better sitting at the back or hold it as a carry bag, depending on the mood or occasion.

    Big Bag Energy Sling

    Double Belt Flap Detail Solid Cross-Body


    If you like the convenience of a big bag but miss the ease in mobility sling bags allow, settle for this Double Belt Flap Detail Solid Cross-Body from Brown Boss. It looks like a mini big bag (if you know what we mean) and also has that space factor to store more just essentials. So just take off on your big adventure without a bag that restricts but lets you have all your stuff on hand!

    Fanny Pack-esque Sling

    Floral Patch Detail Solid Waist Cross-Body


    While slings are mostly hands-free, a crossbody that can be worn across the waist is fully hand-free while being super fashion forward. It has just as much space as a regular sling and can carry all travel accessories. This Floral Patch Detail Solid Waist Cross-Body from Fizza is alsol most easily manageable of the lot, you ever have to take it off for anything either!

    Couldn't find your sling soulmate on this list? Head here then because Shop On LBB has 500 styles and more!