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The Ultimate List Of Karnataka's Best Waterfalls That You Need To Visit

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If you didn't know already, Bangalore's backyard is filled with some of the most mesmerising waterfalls in Karnataka. Some of these waterfalls are all year round, while others are seasonal. There is a whole bunch of falls that are hidden deep inside jungles as well. We have gone exploring various waterfalls in Karnataka and we present to you this ultimate list. In fact, treat this list as a must-save recommendation, because we have, according to us, listed out the best waterfalls in Karnataka you must visit, at least once. 

Jog Falls

Jog Falls is arguably the best waterfall in Karnataka and that you need to visit it at least 10 times. Yeah, once to watch River Sharavathi plunging down from a height of over 800 feet, then forming four cascades -- Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket. Other times to catch the elusive double rainbow and get sprayed at the viewpoint. Save the camera lens! 

Best Time To Visit: Jog Falls is present all-year around but it's during the monsoons (around July to December) when you'll get to truly marvel it.

Sural Falls

If Jog Falls is called the best waterfalls, the Sural Falls (or Surla Falls) is known as the Venezuela of Karnataka. These waterfalls in Belgaum is another all-year waterfall that's nestled in the jungles of the Western Ghats. The trek to the falls is an adventurous one that takes you through the heart of the jungle, with the final destination being Goa Madie Wildlife Sanctuary. Yes, it's a cross-state escapade. 

Best Time To Visit: Sural Falls are best viewed during the peak monsoon season (around August), so we recommend carrying raincoats.

Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is best described as a secret waterfall that's hidden inside a coffee plantation and surrounded by the Kemmangundi Hills. The picturesque falls are around six hours from Bangalore, and make for the perfect day-trip. It's perfect for trekking too. But if you are going during peak season watch out for leeches and loud city slickers. 

Best Time To Visit: Hebbe Falls can be visiting during the winter (October to January), with a lot of local groups conducting treks. 

Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is the go-to waterfall from Bangalore that's perfect for your next road trip. Located in Mandya District, the falls are by the Gaganachukki and Bharachukki tributaries. If you make it to the top of the gorge, the view can be jaw-dropping. The most photographed is Gaganachukki, while Bharachukki offers you a panoramic view of the place. 

Best Time To Visit: Shivansamudra is an all-year waterfall in Karnataka, so during December or monsoons (June onwards), you can plan a trip here. 

Sathodi Falls

North Karnataka's magical Sathodi Falls is nestled amidst a green, green wonderland and should be on your itinerary if you are visiting Gokarna or Karwar. Surrounded by rocky terrain, Sathodi Falls cascades from a height into a glistening pool at the base, where you can happily dip your toes in or skinny dip. No, please don't skinny dip. PLEASE!

Best Time To Visit: Sathodi Falls is a big no-no during monsoon since the whole place can be really treacherous to navigate. We recommend anywhere between October to January. 

Magod Falls

Magod Falls is in the opposite direction of Sathodi Falls and this all-year round two-tiered waterfall is formed by the rivers Bedti and Shalmala. The viewpoint gives you a bird's eye view of the waterfall as well as the surrounding mountain range.  

Best Time To Visit: Magod Falls is best during the October-January period and during summers there's sparsely any water for you to actually get the usual mesmerising views. 

Abbey Falls

One of Madikeri's most popular tourist spots, Abbey Falls is formed by the River Cauvery descending down from a height of 70 feet. Unlike the other waterfalls on this list, we do not recommend wading down to the pool below as it can get quite dangerous. But hey, the hanging bride across the cleft offers an uninterrupted view of this beauty. 

Best Time To Visit: Abbey Falls can be visited between the months of July and October. During the off-season, the spot is great for trekking too. 

Gokak Falls

Often called the Niagara Falls, Gokak Falls is another all-year round waterfall in Karnataka that located in Belgaum. The falls get its 'Niagara' tag because the River Ghataprabha leaps over a nearly 180-feet sandstone cliff, into a horseshoe-shaped gorge. If you get the chance to walk over the century-old bridge, take it, because it's nothing short of an adventure. 

Best Time To Visit: Gokak Falls is best visited after the rains between September and March since, during the rains, Ghataprabha River will be overflowing and can be dangerous. 

Hidlumane Falls

Hidlumane Falls is Shimoga's other mesmerising waterfalls that located at the base of Kodachadri Hills and deep in the reserve forest of Mookabika. The falls are formed by six milky white cascading falls, with each cascading fall more beautiful than the previous one. 

Best Time To Visit: Hidlumane Falls can be visited all through the year, but for that truly stunning views, it's the monsoon season. Apparently, you can hear the gushing falls miles away. 

Apsarakonda Waterfalls

On your way to Gokarna, Goa, or even Mumbai, stop by Apsarkonda Falls that is near a beach and is a good spot for catching the sunset. Depending on the season, the pool below the falls can be anywhere between the depth of two to seven feet, making for great photos. Enjoy a dip and visit the park that's close by the waterfalls. 

Best Time To Visit: Apsarkonda Falls is best visited during the rainy season, but if you don't want to visit the waterfall during the monsoon, October to February is also ideal.