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You Probably Didn't Know About This Beautiful Lagoon And Island Near Mysore


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    What Makes It Awesome

    The island totally does justice to the name Blue Lagoon – blue, beautiful and breathtaking. Around about 21 kilometres from Mysore Railway Station, this island at KRS Backwaters is not much of a tourist destination and so, you will never find it to be extremely crowded making it a perfect spot to kick back and relax – taking in the calm and peaceful surroundings. As it is not a tourist spot, naturally there is a dearth of amenities on the island, so, pack your bag with food, toiletries, water and clothes before heading here. Though we wouldn't recommend staying the night. 

    Surrounded by flora and fauna, the lagoon is lush and green and is also kept neat and clean – while visiting, ensure that you don’t litter. Blue Lagoon is a great spot for witnessing breathtaking sunsets and the water is temptingly blue and beautiful, and we guarantee you'll want to jump in. But, beware! The water is known for having small whirlpools, so it's best not to swim too far away from the shore. 

    The island provides a perfect setting for a small picnic – being quite isolated, it’s an amazing place if you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, Blue Lagoon is not accessible during the monsoon season, so, the best time to visit is post-monsoon and early summer. You can reach this place by taking an auto from KRS dam, and boat from the Blue Lagoon viewpoint. There have been times when you can walk from the viewpoint to the island, but only during the peak of summer. 

    What Could Be Better

    The locals around here are sure to ask you for money in order to visit the island as they claim it to be their land, so be prepared to bargain and shell out some money. Also, the road to the viewpoint (where you'll need to park) is not made of tar or concrete, so prepare for muddy roads.


    Apart from the monsoon, the viewpoint to the island has water sports, if you'd rather not go to the island.