Henry James, JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman: Bookchor's Selection Of Used Books Come At A Steal

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If you’re broke and need something new to read but just don’t have the time to make it to the likes of Blossom Bookstore, Bookchor should be your go-to website.

One For The Books

This awesome little website has a good range of books — JK Rowling, Khaled Hosseini, CS Lewis, Charles Dickens and even Sophia Kinsella, Bookchor can be a treasure trove of literature that you can acquire at the fraction of the cost of the original. And the best part is, you never have to set foot outside your house as everything is delivered straight to you. It’s super convenient for people who might not have the time to make the trip to Brigade Road {to bookstores like this and this}. We’re especially loving their great selection of graphic novels, and the prices are a real steal, too!

An Open Book

You’ll notice that less mainstream authors and their novels are frequently unavailable to be purchased, but keep an eye out as they tend to restock quite often. They also have a ‘Request’ option, so if you’re looking for something specific, ask and you might just get lucky! They also have a stellar return policy, so if you’re unhappy with the condition of your book, you can return it for absolutely free!


They’re currently running a sale where books are priced as low as INR 52, so don’t miss out!