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Get Downright Messy With These Dessert Shakes At Bundar Cafe

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Bundar Cafe in Koramangala has created the Godzilla of all milkshakes. Called the messy shake, this one litre jar of goodness comes fully loaded with dessert toppings, and in three flavours!

Get Your Freak On

We’ve written about Bundar cafe and their tasty budget eats, but let us introduce you to their trendy messy shakes. Presented in Insta-worthy jars, they’re filled to the brim and loaded up with toppings like brownies, KitKats, whipped cream, fresh fruit and more. They come in three different flavours — chocolate, butterscotch and mixed fruit, so you have to be willing to let things get a little messy with these bad boys.

Light On Your Wallet

While they cost INR 500, no need to instantly faint or gasp. Each shake serves four people {or one very greedy person}, so really, you’ll be forking out only about INR 125. With eight scoops of ice cream per glass, we advise you to come in your loosest, comfiest clothing. It’s very rich, and you may need to skip the next few meals. 

This article is in partnership with Bundar Cafe.