Camp With Bae At These Picturesque Cottages Up In The Mountains Near Munnar

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What Makes It Awesome

Munnar is undoubtedly one of the prettiest locales in South India. However, Munnar town can get crowded and messy. So, if you’d like to leave the crowds behind and set off on a romantic sojourn of your own, we think, Camp Noel will be perfect. Located outside Munnar (around 40 km away), the resort sits amidst unspoiled greenery and mountains (at an elevation of 6550 feet).  

The drive up can get arduous but it is well worth it. The rooms and cottages come surrounded in mist and endless foliage. You can book a cosy room at their main clubhouse that come at just INR 3000 (plus taxes). But, if you want to dial up the romance, the one bedroom cottage is tailor-made for lovebirds (INR 3750 plus taxes inclusive of breakfast, per night). You can whisper sweet nothings to each other in front of a roaring fire before retiring to a spacious bedroom (we’ll let you take it from here). But if you want maximum lovey-dovey on a budget, sign up for their elevated cottages (INR 5,000 plus taxes per night). They look like they are suspended mid-air and the interiors are charming and snug. Plus, the view from your window is bound to cast a spell on you.

Camp Noel is strictly for those who want to have a relaxing holiday far from the crowds. You can roam the estate’s grounds and sit around to catch a breathtaking sunset. It’s also a great place to curl up with a book or, at night, snuggle around the campfire on the grounds (this is provided on request).


The resort organises trekking expeditions on prior request and you can explore the surrounding jungles on these trips. 

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