These Delicious Chocolates Will Melt In Your Mouth

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What Makes It Awesome?

We recently came across these chocolates from Luvit India and we completely agree, it was totally worth it.

We loved the 'Chocwich' which is milky white chocolate on a wafer. It is smooth, creamy, crisp and reminds us of our childhood. 'The Dairy Rich' are delightful milk chocolates. Smooth, chocolaty and we could say it would make a great shake when added to a milkshake.

And lastly the toffees- Hazelnut, Dark chocolate and Classic Eclair feel Nostalgic to us. We could just not stop eating at one. The flavours burst in your mouth and take you to a chocolate world!

PS- You go to a totally different world when you close your eyes while eating the chocolates and feel them