Enjoy The Yummiest & Juiciest Burgers At Jingo Burgers!

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Today's lunch from Jingo Burgers

In frame :

Cuban chicken burger - the chicken is minced and shredded in tiny pieces along with a layer of cheese and other veggies, made this burger taste very unique and refreshing.

New York burger - Juicy meat patty sandwiched between double cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, all these ingredients gave burger the best taste

Hot Chilli wings - this comes in a box of 8 pieces, the tender chicken coated perfectly with chilli sauce, having this hot chilli wings in this weather is the best.

Peri peri fries - Bored of the same old salted fries, tried something new. Large and medium-sized fries mixed in the right quantity of peri peri masala tasted so heavenly.

Their packaging was plastic-free, neatly packed and was hot when delivered