Summer Scoop: Make Yourself These No Churn Cold Brew Ice Creams & Tea Sorbets!

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When you start huffing and puffing, when the mouth turns dry and when you feel like you're slowly baking to death -- you know what time of the year it is... The dreaded peak of summer, that's right! Our eternal silver lining through this season though has to be the coolest dessert ever (both literally and figuratively) -- ice cream and it's lovely non-dairy cousins. Add to this glasses and glasses of cold brews and ice teas and ah, life seems bearable again! Then genius struck. Why not throw the two together? Like think of a creamy cold brew ice cream on a summer night or the most refreshing ice tea sorbet for a scorching noon? Mmmh. So, here's our list of 5 no churn, cold brew ice creams and ice tea sorbets using some of Shop On LBB's best cold brew coffees and flavoured teas! Zero the effort, all the chill!

Blissful Blonde Caramel

Blonde Caramel - Specialty Blend (Cold Brew) - 250gm


Coffee and caramel are those yin and yang flavours that were paired in heaven before they found us mortals. Deep complex, bitter notes meet sweet caramel to give you an utterly compelling ice cream. All you'll need is Toffee Coffee Roaster's Blonde Caramel Speciality Blend Cold Brew, Cream, Icing Sugar and some Caramel Essence. 

1. Brew a thicker concoction of the cold brew for about 16 hours. The pack says 1:8 (coffee to water) but do a 1:4 or even lesser if you're after a stronger flavour.

2. Whisk the cream, sugar and essence till it forms stiff peaks. Enough to hold shape and has enough body/air.

3. Gently fold in at least 5 spoons of the cold brew. The mixture may seem a little runny but all you need to do is add it to airtight containers and freeze. 

4. Serve right out the freezer. Enjoy!

Fabulous French Vanilla

Cold Brew: French Vanilla (1050 ml)


This vanilla is anything but vanilla! It's boujee,  obviously because it's French, but in this version we're also taking it up a notch and using some condensed milk for a creamier and rich texture, because we're after that faux churned effect. For this use the French Vanilla Cold Brew from Cohoma Coffee. The best part about this as a choice is that it's instant and already brewed, ready to use! And you won't need extra sugar either. 

1.Whisk double, full fat cream to stiff peaks.

2. Add coffee to your liking and strength and condensed milk and fold in to almost create a ripple kind of effect. Remember fancy?

3. Freeze for 6 hours. Serve with some chocolate sauce, cause you're fancy!

Heavenly Hazelnut Cocoa

Ready-to-Drink Hazelnut Iced Coffee - Set of 6 (200ml Each)


If you're in the mood for a nutty, decadent, caffeine fix, let us introduce you to Heavenly Hazelnut featuring one of our personal favourite cold brews, Sleepy Owl's Ready-To-Drink Hazelnut Iced Coffee. Since hazelnut and chocolate pays homage to the Nutella Gods, you must add some cocoa powder to this version of the no churn ice cream. It will all give it a thick consistency which we're all for!

1.Whip cream to soft peaks. Set aside. 

2. In another bowl mix together cocoa powder, powdered sugar and the cold brew to give you a thickish liquid.

3. Fold into cream. Freeze overnight. Enjoy!

Jazzy Jasmine Mint

Jasmine Tea - 40g


For those after something refreshing and floral, mind you, one can go through tubs and tubs of this sorbet without feeling any guilt. There is nothing to feel guilty about though because we're sweetening with honey, using a Jasmine 'Green' Tea from Oh Cha and zero cream! It's a light, happy, sorbet baybay! 

1.Brew and cool the jasmine tea. This will make it more fragrant and potent. You could also leave it to steep longer depending on the intensity you're after. 

2. Add honey to this and a couple of crushed mint leaves. Mint and jasmine are super together.

3. Transfer to an airtight container and then leave in the freezer for an hour.

4. After an hour, take it out and mix. Repeat this process about four or five times in the same intervals.

5. Leave in the freezer till the sorbet is firm. Serve right away with more mint.

Lively Lemonade Citrus

Green Lemonade Tea - 50gm


Only a Green Lemonade Tea like the one from Chado Tea India could get us excited about something as basic as lemonade. This is primarily because this sorbet has a sneaky, but beloved ingredient -- a couple tablespoons of vodka! To dial up and build on that zingy, lively citrus we're also adding a couple tablespoons of lime and lemon juice to this sorbet. 

1.Brew the green lemonade tea till fragrant. Don't steep too long, it may turn bitter. Cool completely.

2. Now add vodka, the lemon and lime juice and a pinch of salt and sugar to taste. 

3. Freeze. Mix. Freeze. Mix. You could also alternatively, turn this into a granita and top it on margaritas.


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