10 Reasons Why We Will Always Love Cubbon Park

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Sure it has it’s slightly shady areas {and no, we mean the skanky kind, not the lovely shade of the tree canopy!}, but somehow, we just cannot get enough of good old Cubbon Park. Be it for a quick morning run, a lazy afternoon stroll, or to get some serious photography done, it’s a slice of versatile lung space right in the city. Throw in history, culture and architecture into the mix, and you’ve got a winner. And here’s exactly why we love Cubbon Park so much.

State Central Library

Constructed out of striking red brick, you can’t miss this building — The Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall. Housing possibly the state’s best and biggest library, this one’s over a 100 years old and stands tall in the world of books. Recently renovated with systems upgraded to modern book-keeping methods, the addition of a digital library, and even free internet, the library still attracts bibliophiles across the ages. Even if you’re not into reading, it’s an architectural marvel with arches, imposing wooden pillars and of course, the inimitable red. Go on, bookmark this one!

Fitness & Activities

OK, this isn’t quite an official location in the park, but since most people hit up Cubbon Park for the paths that criss-cross it, we’re making it official. All you need to do is wear on your running shoes, and just follow the mud paths wherever they take you. There are quite a few routes you can take, depending on how much ground you want to cover. All those interested in yoga, just take your mat and head to a spot on the grass. In fact, there’s a few other groups who’ll probably be there too!

Weekend Dog Park

There’s nothing quite like wandering off into the park with your pooch, is there? Oh, yes there is! How about your pooch frolicking around in a park with other cute doggos, and you chilling out with pet parents? Open only on Sundays, the Weekend Dog Park At Cubbon Park lets pooches off the leash between 8am and 11am to have a gala time with their pals. So while you can mill around either working out or relaxing, the dogs can play about freely in the cordoned-off section. Albeit a little small, it’s quite the crowd puller. Don’t have dogs? No worries, just watching them is like healing therapy!

Picnic Time

OK, we’re going to start with a warning. Do not expect this to be a picnic like it would be in Tuscany. Why? Because there are a few miscreants lurking in the park too and they can sometimes spoil your fun. But if you’ve got a big enough group, then gear up for some old-school fun. Take a basket of sandwiches, juice {no alcohol allowed}, crisps and of course, a frisbee and you’re set!

Jawahar Bal Bhavan

Opened way back in 1967, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, is a dedicated children’s park, right near the entrance of Cubbon Park from MG Road. Yup, yup, that place which has the cotton candy, balloons, corn and popcorn! Apart from play areas with swings, slides, jungle gyms, see-saws and merry-go-rounds, there is also an amphitheatre, an auditorium and art installations here. Look out for art events, drama workshops, yoga sessions and photography exhibitions open to all. You can even book out one section of the park for birthday parties!

Puttani Express

Sure this toy train is part of the Bal Bhavan area, but it truly deserves to be an entity of its own. It’s so iconic that if you haven’t been on it yet, leave everything you’re doing {apart from reading this post!}, and go check it out. While the train is small and moves slower than a toddler’s pace, it’s the experience that counts. So get yourself some candy and popcorn, and cruise around the park. The track circuits the whole park which means you’ll be privy to the playgrounds, the water bodies, theatre area and the garden.

Tennis Academy

Build in the 70s for hosting the Davis Cup games, The Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association is touted to have the best facilities for the sport, in the country. In addition to a seating capacity of 7,000, it also has a gym, swimming pool, pool table, restaurant and recently, guest rooms too. If you’ve got tennis on your mind, then you can become a member and train here. Just want to be a spectator? Keep a track of the games going on here.

History, Culture, Architecture

The High Court {formerly Attarakacheri} is possibly the most dominant building in Cubbon Park, with the State Library a close second, both in their red-brick glory. Just outside the park limits stands the Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum that isn’t as top-notch, but worth a visit. Go statue hopping when Cubbon Park as there are four memorial statues — Queen Victoria and King Edward at the Chinnaswamy Stadium end of the park, the ones of Major General Sir Mark Cubbon whom the park is named after, Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar and Sir K Sheshadri Iyer are further inside.

Birdwatching & Photography

With over 7,000 trees in the park, it’s no surprise that Cubbon Park is also home to several birds {unfortunately not as many as earlier, however}. From parakeets, eagles and herons to spotted owlets, bulbuls and magpies, you’ll surely spot some. Then there’s the marvellous avenues of trees — Polyalthia, Java Fig and Chestnut trees too. Plus, the Gulmohars and Tabebuias are simply magnificent when in bloom. Naturally, all this put together makes it a paradise for photographers. 


Nothing like some fresh fruit and veggies, at a decent price, eh? That’s exactly what you get at the HOPCOMS at Cubbon Park. When you’ve finished up with your morning exercise, meander over to the store and stock up on groceries almost as soon as they’ve been offloaded from the trucks. Also, do try the fresh juices they have — from tulsi and lauki to sweet lime and watermelon. That too at INR 10 only. Read more about it here.