Floating Suitcase Shelves To Birdcage Lamps: This Co-Living Space Has Plenty of Decor Hacks

    HBR layout, Bangalore

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    If you are looking to spruce up your home and falling short of ideas, don’t worry, we have got you covered. The decor at HBR Layout’s new co-living space FF21 is the stuff Pinterest boards are made of.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Before anything else, we need to talk a bit about this co-living space. Basically, it’s a lot like an apartment than a PG, with all the rooms having twin beds. A lounge room equipped with gaming consoles, plenty of bean bags, swing chairs, and cushion makes up FF21’s social space. A dining area is there too and it serves mainly vegetarian Indian options. Do note that it’s exclusive of the rental charges. 

    We spoke to Neha Arora Nicholas, who did the interiors and here are some of the best home decor hacks we found that you could replicate with minimal fuss. Don’t have too much space in your apartment? Take to the walls like Neha did with the reception area at FF21. Instead of usual blocks of wood, she got these cool Chumbak suitcases instead. Adding a bit of Pinterest-worthiness to the reception are the cute birdcage lamps entwined with fairy lights. While she got hers from Pepperfry and Engrave, she tells us that you can also buy the two separately. 

    FF21’s lounge area and reception are dotted with bean bags to give a laid-back feel to the space. You can recreate the same casual look with Orka Bean Bags. Easily our favourite hack from FF21’s space, Neha got top hats from London and got an electrician to do the wiring and insulation to create these absolute gems. But you don’t need to go all the way to London. Bombay Hat Mart on Commercial Street, stocks up on a whole lot of hats including top hats, snapbacks, cowboy hats, and flat caps.

    Pro Tip

    A lot of furniture at FF21, such as the centre tables, chest of drawers, and tables were either made in-house or sourced from Pepperyfry. While Pepperfry is more on the expensive side, Neha says you can ask local carpenters to help you out since they can help you out with the customisation. Re-Store in Whitefield is a thrift store you can hit up for Ikea-like furniture.

      HBR layout, Bangalore