Stay Fresh Forever With This Brand’s Sporty Deodorants

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What Makes It Awesome

Gentlemen, daily runs and gym sessions are a sweaty affair and what happens most often is, you feel drained and hate the odour your body emits. Don’t even think of the television ads that depict actors getting disgruntled passing by the guy who sweats as he sniffs his own smelly armpits. To have you stay fresh at all times, whether you’re going for a date, for your runs, or even to hide the smell of alcohol and cigarettes, Bradford Deo is the answer. 

The brand sells four types of deodorants with fragrances ranging from musky, sporty, and cool, all of which could be doubled up as perfumes, in case your wallet doesn’t allow a Davidoff. If you’re headed for a casual outing, we suggest the Musk deodorant that emits a more woody fragrance. For something on the cooler side which still retains the woody note, go for the Red that is a nice mix of musk and fruity cool notes. What do I use for intense cardio sessions or for a 3v3 game of futsal? The Game, a sporty, fresh deodorant that has notes of aqua to keep you refreshed at all times. There’s even the Sport deodorant on similar lines that keeps you feeling fresh and confident at all times. Trust us, these deodorants will make you smell your best through the day!

These deodorants are available in 50ml spray cans, are cruelty free and you can buy these from LBB Shop.


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