Drive Down To Devarayanadurga For A Day Filled With Trekking And Rejuvenation

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you are looking to try your hands on trekking, head to Devarayanadurga hills in Tumkur which is about 72 kilometers from the city (just a drive away, perfect for a day trip). Less popular than other trekking destinations, this little gem comes surrounded by forests and is perfect for a day’s getaway. Devarayanadurga is especially great if you are a trekking novice and want to start off easy. Chikka Devaraj Wodeyar, ruler of Mysore had conquered the hill and hence it is called Devarayanadurga Hills. At the base of the hill, there’s the Bhoga Narasimha Temple that’s been around for centuries. You can check out its rustic architecture before hitting the rocky path to the top. 

    The trek will take you about 30 minutes and is an easy to moderate level trek. The view once you reach the summit is spectacular and not just do you get a glimpse of the temple below but also an eyeful of the green forests that are spread across the landscape. These hills are also great for bird watching. And you should keep your eyes open for the rare Yellow Throated Bulbul. Since the climb won’t take you long, we recommend that you stop by the surrounding attractions. Around 10 kilometers from Devarayanadurga, there’s a serene natural spring called, Namada Chilume. 

    However, if you want to continue trekking, head over to Siddara Betta. An hour’s ride from Devarayanadurga, Siddara Betta is ideal for trekking and cave explorations.  It takes a little more than an hour to conquer Siddara Betta and the climb is pretty steep. In between, you can dive into dark caves and snoop around. Once you’ve got to the top, there’s an old fort and fantastic views waiting for you.


    Since Devarayanadurga is at an altitude it enjoys fantastic weather through the year. However, skip the monsoon season to avoid slippery slopes.