Unleash Them Pooches At This Private Dog Park That Comes With A No Leash Policy

Aakanksha posted on 03 July


A first off-the-leash private park, Dog Park at The Elephant Pond is the ideal spot to take your canine family for a day out.

Ditch The Leash

Located just about 25 kilometres from the city-centre, this pooch haven will make pet parents thrilled. A one acre open space, it is cordoned off from the rest of the property so you’re not chasing after your pooch either! And if you’re wondering how your little gentle pug will take on a feisty and much larger mastiff, then not to worry, they’ve got that covered too by dividing it into two separate areas. We absolutely love that you don’t need to hold your baby back on a leash because if there’s one thing they are strict about, it’s their No Leash Policy.

Space Out

And while the dogs are finding buddies, or even mates, you too can chill out with fellow pooch owners for a relaxing time and swap stories on whose baby is cuter. If you fancy some alone time with your four-legged friend, they have some beautiful trails, outside of the one acre, that you could go on. Do keep your eyes peeled for what we think is the most brilliant event since Tommorowland – a camp out with your doggies. Once a month, you and your pooch are invited to watch the sunset together, have a barbecue and bonfire, make friends and then bark at the moon before cuddling in a tent till sunrise.

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Dog Park At The Elephant

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Ragihalli State Forest, Karnataka