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This Brand Has Non-Toxic Playdough That Does Not Dry Up!

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What Makes It Awesome

As a parent I have a love-hate relationship with playdough. It can get super messy, but hey there’s no disputing the fact that it’s an amazing tool for a child’s mental and physical development. Much like the squishy stress ball we grown-ups pull out from time to time. Playing with clay can help with motor skills, ease tension, build imagination, release excess energy, and improve focus. What more can a parent ask for? 

If there is one thing I am always wary of with playdough, it is the colours or fragrance used in its making. If it is toxic and my child gets the urge to lick a playdough ice-cream, there’s little I can do except scream and snatch it from his hands! Which is why my search for play dough that is safe for my kids as well as the environment brought me to Dohdough. Organic, lab-approved, kids-safe playdough, that can be anything your child wants it to be. A car or a star, a frog or a frock, a bulb or a bun, or anything under the Sun! 

DohDough is also very different from the run-of-the-mill playdough kits you get in the kids’ store. For instance, they have a Jungle Safari Kit that includes 500gms of Dough, a rolling pin and 12 animals. The dough in this kit even has animal stripes on it. Similarly, they have a bunch of different themes the child can explore, like Jurassic world, farm animals, unicorn, astronauts and more.

What I really like about DohDough is that it doesn’t dry up all that fast. Plus it’s handmade in the kitchen using all food grade ingredients. They also have a set of 6 Bio DohDoughs made from plant extracts and are totally vegan!


If you see signs of it getting dried (like salt being crystallized on top), simply knead it with a little vegetable oil from your kitchen and it will be as soft as new.