Want Summer Cocktails? Here Are 10 Easy Recipes That You Can Make At Home

Now that liquor stores near you are open, running, and have long lines outside them, if you have (responsibly) stocked up, it’s time to bring some cheer back to life with at least one drink. Since going out and celebrating is not an option, and there are plenty of Zoom, Netflix, and video chat parties to attend, with limited ingredients, here are some easy cocktails recipes that you can make at home. Some from scratch, and some with a little help from local business friends. If you haven't already gone to buy alcohol, remember to maintain social distance while waiting to pick it up. 

Cuba Libre

For low effort days when you just want to bring out the Old Monk and want to end the day on a good note, the Cuba Libre is ideal. Surely most stores will stock dark rum. Be it with your roommate, or just when you’re unwinding this one never fails. 

Ingredients: Dark Rum, Coke, A few drops of lemon

Method: There are no real rules, and it’s per your preference but if you’re by the book, it’s 50ml of rum, 120ml coke, mixed and poured over ice. Add the lime at the end. 


With the summer here and how, cool off with a mojito that’s basically what adults sometimes drink instead of a regular lime soda. Ideal for mid-day chilling scenes, you can make this easy cocktail recipe as sweet, strong, or tangy as you want. 

Ingredients: 45ml White Rum, 6 mint leaves, soda, half a lime, 2 teaspoons of sugar

Method: Muddle the leaves with sugar and the lime juice, add the rum and top with soda. Or put it all in the blender for 30 seconds and pour over ice. 

Pina Colada

Bring in the true tropical summer vibe and pretend you’re actually relaxing by white sand beaches and azure waters while sipping this out of a pineapple, or coconut. If neither are available and you just have a glass, you can still get the mix and make it at home! 

Ingredients: 30ml white rum, 30ml Malibu (optional), 120ml & Stirred Cocktail Mix - Pina Colada 

Method: Mix it all with crushed ice, pour into pineapple, coconut, or glass, find somewhere to lounge, enjoy!

Gin & Tonic

Feeling classy? Want to show your fam how well you’re adulting? Have that long overdue family group call with this in handl. And if you’re trying to keep things PG-13, this even looks like water, and goes down as smooth. 

Ingredients: Gin, Tonic, ice. 

Method: Add one part gin and three parts tonic over ice. If you’re feeling fancy, add an orange slice. 

Cold Brew Martini

Can’t pick between coffee and alcohol? Then this one is perfect for you! Get your caffeine kick while enjoying a drink over the weekend with a buddy, neighbour, or recreate a brunch drink at home. 

Ingredients: 60ml Sleepy Owl Cold Brew, 15ml sugar syrup, 60ml vodka (can use Smirnoff Espresso Vodka if you really like coffee) , 30ml Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream

Method: Add all ingredients in a shaker (or add into a blender for a minute) and shake vigorously, garnish with coffee beans or instant coffee powder. Best enjoyed chilled. 

Red Wine Sangria

Serving around five people at least, this one’s for stay-at-home family lunches, or brunches. You can swap out the red wine with white wine or Rose depending on what is available at your closest liquor store. Fruit can be ordered online, so you’re set. 

Ingredients: A bottle of wine, 220ml brandy, ½ apple, ½ orange, 220ml orange juice, 3-4 tablespoons of brown sugar or jaggery. 

Method: Cut up the fruit, and add to a bowl or vessel to hold it, and add the sugar. Muddle with a wooden spoon for a minute. Add the orange juice and brandy and repeat the process for half a minute. Add the wine and mix. Adjust to suit your taste. You can also add edible flowers and other fruit per your preference. 

Boozy Peach Iced Tea

We could tell you how to make LIIT, but everyone knows how to make that. For balmy evenings to enjoy the sunset, or even for weekend brunch feels, try making a peach ice tea cocktail. 

Ingredients: 250ml Talisman (Folklore) Peach Apricot Tea, 30ml vodka, 30ml simple syrup with 6-7 mint leaves, ice.

Method: Make the tea per your preference and cool. Once cooled, add everything into a cocktail shaker (or protein shake mixer, no judgement) and shake. Pour it out, garnish with mint leaves. Feel free to add more tea or vodka. Use lemon tea for the classic version. 

Pink Vodka Lemonade

For that really spicy gossip sesh with your squad, or when you have your weekly Zoom, Skype, Google, or Houseparty calls this one is a winner. It’ll take your virtual party experience to the next level. 

Ingredients: 30ml Vodka, 13ml lime juice, 13ml cranberry juice, 200ml Sprite

Method: In glass with 2-3 ice cubes, combine all the ingredients, adding the sprite last. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy.

Chamomile Honey And Whiskey Cocktail

For long days, and longer evenings, chamomile tea is ideal. Now throw some grown-up problems (calls that could’ve been emails, or low-key existential dread) and the drink needs to be harder, and hopefully, whiskey helps. You’ll sleep soundly after this we promise. 

Ingredients: 2 spoons of Tea Monk Chamomile Tea, 300ml of water, 30ml of whiskey or bourbon, 1.5 teaspoons honey, half an orange slice, one slice of lime.

Method: Boil water and make chamomile tea. Muddle orange and lime. Add the tea over the orange and lime mixture, add honey. Once cooled, add that, honey and some ice in a shaker and shake. Strain it out and pour into glass. Enjoy!

Bourbon Vanilla Shake

Nothing like a boozy milkshake to really lift your spirits. While there are no real rules and you can actually use any flavour of ice cream and essence (yes, you read that right, there's ice cream in this), vanilla goes really well with whiskey. Try it and let us know.

Ingredients: 90ml (90 grams) of vanilla ice cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence or extract, 45ml Bourbon or whiskey

Method: Wait till the ice cream is in the liquid state, add the bouron and vanilla and mix, or blend in a blender. You can also add it to popsicle moulds, or freeze as ice cream for an indulgent dessert.