10 Organic, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Cleaning Products To Start Using NOW

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Your usual chemical cleaning products might make the home and clothes squeaky clean, but did you know they're apparently the highest contributor to water pollution? Well, now you do. If you like a lot of people are trying to be more conscious of the environment, and switch to a better, cleaner option, we've got 10 for you. From laundry detergent to all-surface cleaners, here's our pick of the most eco-friendly products. We've tried and tested most of them in-house, so these come with our seal of approval. 

Born Good

Anti Microbial Plant Based Liquid Laundry Detergent - Refill - 450 ml


Born Good was born out of Mohit Belani’s desire to be much more ecologically friendly. With this brand, you can rest assured that you will be using plant-based home cleaners - from dishwashing gel to laundry detergents. Using essential oils to give the cleaning products a fragrance, all the ingredients are plant-based, said to be gentler on the skin, and don’t destroy your clothes either. Plus, it’s safe for adults, kids and pets alike. I’ve been using this brand for over a year now, and I love that they have refill packets that also cut down on usage of plastic. Sure the bottle that the liquids come in are plastic, but they are multi-use, so still sustainable.

Favourite Products: Antimicrobial Performance Detergent (this is fantastic if you sweat a lot, or workout plenty), Disinfecting Floor Cleaner, Dish Wash Gel.


All Purpose Natural Cleaner Liquid Spray With Refreshing Aroma Of Mandarin Orange


Kitchen, home, laundry or even yourself, Koparo promised plant-based cleaners with no chemicals, but as effective, if not more. They come with citrus extracts, essential oils, botanical extracts and active salts to really get rid of the grime without being too hard on the skin, nor on the product you are cleaning. In the laundry department, they have fabric conditioners and detergents - both come in 500ml and 5 litre bottle. For you home, pick from floor cleaners, disinfectant sprays and even an all-purpose cleaner that is plant and mineral based. 

Favourite Products: Natural all-purpose spray which can be used to clean everything from glass, tabletops and kitchen counters to ovens, fridges and furniture. 

Herbal Strategi

Herbal Concentrate Floor Cleaner & Insect Repellent


Fuss free, no frills and down to Earth, Herbal Strategi is my favourite find from the last lockdown when my neighbours created a group, and decided to ‘share good things’. This one is really good! While I started (and swear by) the mosquito repellant, the kitchen, floor and bathroom disinfectants are also really good. In addition to cleaning up the space, leaving a hint of a citric fragrance, these ones also double up as insect repellants. And they genuinely work. While I’ve not used the laundry detergent, the dishwashing gel is effective too. Again, since all the products are herbal, and made from plant extracts and natural oils, it’s eco-friendly, child-friendly and pet-friendly too. 

Favourite Products: Herbal Concentrate Floor Cleaner & Insect Repellent and the tap and shower cleaner which easily takes off the calcification and grime. 

Bare Necessities

Genie in a Bottle Neem and Lemon Surface Cleaner


Surface cleaners, laundry detergent and dish washing soap…we love Bare Necessities’ cleaning products. The surface cleaners come in two fragrances - Citronella and Neem + Lemon, while the laundry detergent in a lavender one. The dish washer is lemon grass, and what is great is that none of the fragrances are over powering. They even have a coconut husk scrubber, and a laundry detergent suitable for kids. We’ve tried all of these products, and though you could say they’re expensive, they well worth it. 

Favourite Products: Genie In A Bottle is what they call the surface cleaner, and that us just what it is! Cleaning away dust, grime and leaving any surface clean and sparkly, you will never think of using chemical cleaners again!

Pure Cult

Eco-friendly Quintessential Kit (Plant Based Ingredients & Biodegradable)


This brand is a hidden gem. I recently tried the dishwashing liquid, mostly because it has basil and mint essential oils, and for me, that was a surprise! I mean, in my bath and shower gel, yes, but for the dishes? I was intrigued. Not only was I really impressed by the fragrance, but it’s also a gentle soap but only on your skin. On the dishes, it was quite solid. They also have fabric conditioners, laundry detergents as well as toilet bowl cleaners, surface cleaners that also come with Ylang Ylang and lavender oils. This brand is also pet, kid and environment friendly. And they have all-in-one packs for those who don’t want to shop individual products all the time.

Favourite Products: Quintessential Kit. This has dishwashing liquid, all-surface cleaner, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and floor cleaner, for INR 1,641 (on discount). You can also check out their other “Essential Kits” for laundry, kitchen and cleaning, separately. 

The Better Life

Essential Cleaners Kit


Be it for your laundry and dishes or floor and toilets, The Better Life has a cleaner for you! The dishwasher removes oily stains without damaging your cookware, and luckily, doesn’t leave a residue either. Made with plant-based ingredients, the laundry detergent is also on offer that is useful for handwashes, top load or front load washing machines. They also have an eco-friendly floor cleaner which is apparently made froh reusable wastewater - a first in the country, we are told! Toilet cleaning without those awful chemicals? Check! This one has natural ingredients, and the effects last post the actual wash too. So, phew! Clean drains for a longer time! 

Favourite Products: The Essential Cleaners Kit. This has all four cleaning products.

Mitti Se

Natural Home Cleaning Hamper – Set of 3


Packaged in either brown paper bags or glass bottles, get your home and clothes cleaned with Mitte Se products. They have floor cleaners, disinfectants, laundry detergents, dishwasher detergent and essential oils. Apart from being non-toxic, these also repel insects like ants, cockroaches and flies…without killing them. WIN!

Favourite Product: The home cleaning essential kit that has the detergent for laundry and dishes, as well as the floor cleaner that also works as a multi-purpose cleaner. 

108 Soapynuts From Daily Dump

Clean Trio Kit - all purpose, safe cleaning


As natural as it gets, this alternative to chemical detergent and cleaners you’d usually use, is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal, and called soapnuts. While I have not used it myself, the folks who do got it specifically because it’s specifically for their daughter who has super sensitive skin. You can use this one in the washing machine - top and front load, and apparently at all temperatures. 

Favourite Products: You might as well just get the Clean Trio Kit which add a coir scrubber and a bar soap to the soapynuts for INR 525. 

Mama Earth

Plant based laundry detergent, 200ml


Yes they focus on things for babies and for your personal care. But tucked away on the extensive online store is the hidden gem of a laundry detergent. Plant-based, toxin free and with neem and lime extracts, this one is approved by the in-house Mommy. Apparently, it breaks down most dirt and grime with ease, so use it freely. Gentle on the clothes, tough on the stains! 

Favourite Product: Laundry Detergent

Coco Custo

Coco custo - ecofriendly detergent

Full disclosure: I only came across this one when researching for this post. Available on Wildberry Organics, this laundry detergent is eco-friendly and will make your laundry smell like an “island holiday”. Each tin box comes with a paper bag inside, so it’s all plastic free too. We’re told that you can do about 50 washes per kilogram of this detergent, so you won’t need to rush for refills too quickly.

Favourite Product: Coco Custo Bio-degradable laundry detergent