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Prison Break Or Italian Mobs: You've Got 45 Minutes To Get Out Of The Escape Room. Will You?

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What Makes It Awesome

If you stayed up all night binge watching Stranger Things and Prison Break or bought first-day, first-show tickets for Taken, then head to The Escape Room to play the real life version. You’re thrust into a room which is part of a story line, and your entire focus should be on getting out of that room alive with only 45 minutes on the clock. Not that you’d really die, but then play along will you? With four different live experiences to choose from (Taken, Prison Break, The Vampire Chronicles and The Panic Room), you and your crew will have to push the limits of intellectual capabilities to crack codes and break out of the situation.

Taken, like the movie, has you dealing with the boss’s daughter saved from an international mob. Said to be the toughest of the four, you’re going to need plenty of wit and wisdom. But if you’re still hung up on vampires, then you could be the key to breaking the deadlock lasting over 1,000 years and make peace between humans and vampires. But only if you succeed! The LBB Crew time is 36 minutes. Beat that!

In Prison Break Conspiracy, like the television series, you are locked in a maximum security prison and waiting to be executed. But since you were framed by one Dr Malcom for slaying your own wife, all you want to do is run, and be the first to get away alive. If you're into vampires, the Vampire Chronicles will test your wit and intellect to end a 1000-year war between humans and vampires. And the best part? You have a target on your back with the Vampire King Ambrogio gunning for you, personally! Panic Room locks you in what is supposed to be the safest place in the house. But is it really? You have to find out! 


Do remember, you can’t just randomly solve puzzles; they have to be in sequence so you really can’t skip or pass any. Plus when you're trying to "crack the code", don't break anything as you will be charged for damages.