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Food Instinct

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What Makes It Awesome

'Healthy isn't boring here', is a great tagline to lead with, because it at least got us sniffing around! And that kids, is how we met Food Instinct, our latest go-to for quick, guiltless meals. Before you think it, we were skeptical too, but after we learnt that we won't have to give up on our favourites like biryani and egg and avo sandwich, we were sold. Priorities, amirite?

But what's more important, is how this cloud kitchen located in Indiranagar makes our favourite meals healthy. Their focus is largely on the ingredients and cooking methods -- so you will be eating what is familiar to you but in their healthier versions, of course. To achieve this, Food Instinct promises to use only organic and residue-free ingredients (no antibiotics/additives) and fresh is real fresh, "fresh frozen" (Gordon Ramsay fans, you know what we mean). Further, no refined oils, processed flours and sugars make it into every preparation and every meal is made to order. 

Now on to our favourite bit. Ordering online from the comfort of our homes and picking from a menu of deliciousness. We're talking about BBQ Chicken Sandwich (has a signature protein mix in the sauce), a balanced Chicken Thali - South Indian or North Indian Style (eggetarian and vegetarian versions available too), Chicken Tikka Biryani,  Quinoa Super Salad Bowl, ooh and All Day Breakfasts too ( pesarattu to parathas, dosas, idlis and omelettes). No, Food Instinct hasn't forgotten our sweet tooth with a section of Fruit Bowls and Desserts like Quinoa Kheer!  


You can order daily meals from the a la carte menu starting at INR 69. But Food Instinct also has Food Subscription Services (place order of your preferred meal category, consult with the Food Instinct nutrition expert to personalise meals and have it delivered every day, weekly) and take Party Orders and Corporate Catering Orders too. Click on Enquire Now to chat with the brand or visit their website. They are also available on Swiggy and Zomato.