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Eat, Drink, & Shop: Here's Everything You Can Do In Koramangala

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Koramangala is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Bangalore and it's a popular hangout spot for its many residents as well as folks from the surrounding areas. Infamous for its three signals of traffic doom -- St. John's Signal, Sony Signal, and Wipro Park Signal -- it's also famous for being the birthplace of many startups. It was after all one of Bangalore's first startup hubs. Known for its bustling food scene and nightlife (it rivals that of Indiranagar on good days), Forum Mall (yeah, really), and its hidden gems, we have basically explored all of Koramangala to create this ultimate guide for you. From where to where to eat, where to shop and things to do, you can save this guide for future use.         

With inputs from Aakanksha Singh Devi, Ahalya Acharya, and Saniya Raza. 

Where To Eat: Global and Indian

Koramangala is a melting pot of restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. We've discovered some gems and had some fulfilling gastronomic experiences each time we've planned a trip to the hood. So, if you wake up craving a solid Turkish doner kebab, or want to dig into a Bengali thali, you now know where to go. 


Chinita will quell all your Taco Tuesday and Mexican Monday cravings with a menu featuring their signature ‘real Mexican food’ including authentic Grilled Tacos, Mole, Soyrizo Nachos, Guacamole, and Flan. And unlike the Indiranagar outlet, this spot in Koramangala is much bigger with minimal decor, allowing you to focus on the deliciousness on your plate. Plus, they are vegetarian and vegan-friendly too. 

What To Order: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos, Taco Carnita, Soyrizo Burrito, and Almond Horchata

Price For Two: INR 1,200


Kebapci has managed to create a lot of noise and a devout following in the short time that they've been around and this is because nobody does Turkish food as they do! The juicy, meaty kebaps are the stars of the show here - definitely try the Adana Kebap and Shish Taouk. The interiors are an extension of Turkey too, boasting beautiful Iznik ceramics and tiles.

What To Order: Adana Mutton Kebap, Cihan Kepap, Chicken Hummus, and Lamb Mandi

Price For Two: INR 650

Bamey’s Restro Cafe

Bamey's needs no introduction because we're sure you heard of their deathly Spiciest Momo Challenge. But that's not all they are known for, if anything, the authentic Nepali food and of course the Jhol and Kothey Momos is what patrons flock here to enjoy. The decor is also reminiscent of a Nepali home.

What To Order: Thukpa, Sel Roti with Aloo Dum, and Nepali Thakali Thali

Price For Two: INR 800

Kappa Chakka Kandhari

If you want a taste of Kerala and we're talking food you taste at toddy shops and tiny homes, line up at Kappa Chakka Kandhari like everybody does, especially on the weekends. 'Touchings' or small plates of appetisers is their speciality and our absolute favourites are put together in set menus that you can share, so everyone gets a bit of everything.

What To Order: Mutton Coconut Fry, Kappa Vada, Prawn Kizhi, Putti Biryani, Pidi Kozhi Curry, and Ramassery Idli with Chatti Meen Curry.

Price For Two: INR 1,500

The Himalayan

Want Korean when in Koramangala? Head straight to The Himalayan and don’t go by the name, because the menu has got nothing to do with regions in and around the Himalayas. The Kimchi Stew is quite a delicacy here too. Rest assured all the flavours and dishes are as traditional as they can get, to us, this spot is a hidden gem.

What To Order: Kim Baap, Bulgogi, and Bibimbap

Price For Two: INR 1,200


Gramin has been around for ages at Raheja Arcade and this is only because they make some of the best North Indian-style vegetarian food. Their lunch thali is our absolute favourite and great value for money. The decor is fuss-free and rustic. Plus, they are known for their notorious waiting time during weekend dinners.

What To Order: Phirki Parantha, Papad ki Sabzi, Sarson ka Saag, and Paneer Kheema Pulao.

Price For Two: INR 600

Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna Bangalore is a Kolkata import that has been around in the city for ages, with a goal to make every Bengali forget what they might be missing out back home. So if you want to enjoy your fill of Bengali classics then this is the place you need to head to. Vegetarians, surprisingly have a lot of tasty options too, Dhokar Dalna to Echorer Kalia.

What To Order: Aloo Poshto, Chanar Dalna, and Mochar Ghonto, head here.

Price For Two: INR 650

Special Mentions

Truffles: For their value for money burgers, steaks, coffee and dessert.

Chianti: For their authentic fine-dine Italian fare and a large selection of wines.

Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen: for their homely ambience and addictive Tibetan food - Thukpa, Tingmo, Thenthuk and Phengsha.

Where To Eat: Cool Cafes

Koramangala's cafe scene is filled with some of the most recognizable cafes and spots that almost everyone who's a Bangalorean or who's stayed in Bangalore for a few years will know about. 

The Hole In The Wall

If you haven't had the Sunday breakfast from The Hole In The Wall, then you have not had breakfast -- at least that what's any Koramangala folks will tell you. It's a rite of passage if you are new to Bangalore. They are breakfast is so popular that people queue up as early as 9 am. Of course, on weekdays the crowd is lesser and come evenings, it makes for a nice spot for catching up with friends.

What To Order: Ferrero Waffles, Funky Monkey Pancakes, Meaty Omelette, Farmers Breakfast, and Chilli Chicken Burger

Price For Two: INR 600 

Dyu Art Cafe

Almost a landmark in Koramangala, DYU Art Cafe is set inside a Kerala-style bungalow and has an open courtyard, artworks, books & board games, lots of greenery, cemented seats, a gabled roof, and oxide flooring. The menu here includes salads, breakfast dishes, sandwiches and desserts. It's perfect for catching up with friends, dates, and even working from here. 

What To Order: Chicken Melt Sandwich, Margherita Pizza, Pasta, Roasted Chicken Leg, Banoffee Pie, and Chocolate Pie. 

Price For Two: INR 700 

Bistro Claytopia

One of those cafes in Koramangala where you can do more than just eat good food. You can get your friends, SO or that date you want to impress here and get creative with their pottery studio. They let you pick up pre-shaped pieces (vases to mugs) and you can pick up colours and draw your design on them. Once done, leave it with the staff to glaze and fire, and a few weeks later, you can go pick up your artwork. The outdoor seating in the evening makes this place look magical. 

What To Order: Sesame Crispy Chicken, Spicy Wings, The Bistro Chicken Burger, and Schezwan Buddha

Price For Two: INR 900

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Get your fill of flat whites, pour overs, and avocado sandwiches here. Outdoor seating, well-light indoors, and a staff that's knowledgable about coffee make this another popular spot in Koramangala. You'll find a lot of creators, freelancers, and couples on dates here. Plus, it's a nice spot to work out of as well. 

What To Order: Cortado, Iced Americano, Smoky-Sweet Romesco, Avocado Toast, Mexican Bowl, and All-Day Breakfast options

Price For Two: INR 600 

Fresh Pressery Cafe

A cosy little cafe located in the bylanes of Koramangala 5th Block, Fresh Pressery Cafe has plenty of options for those looking for vegan, keto and gluten-free options. They have free WiFi in case you want to take that quick meeting after lunch. The menu is also on the healthier side, so for those guilt-free lunches with friends, you know where to pop by. 

What To Order: Rosemary Chicken Breast, Vegan Tofu Salad, Spicy Coconut Curry Salmon Bowl, and Avocado Tomato Sandwich 

Price For Two: INR 1,200

Where To Eat: Bars & Pubs

Before the pandemic, it used to be a running joke that there's a new bar that's opening in Koramangala once every three months. Koramangala's nightlife is fueled by craft beer, live music, karaoke nights, happy hours, and DJ nights at these top party spots.  

Koramangala Social

Bangalore's second Social boasts a rooftop setting, the familiar Social food and vibes, and continues to be a top spot for catching up for drinks with friends to that place for weekend shenanigans. 


Koramangala's microbrewery scene is still growing and Biergarten is one of the top breweries you can pop by for some freshly brewed craft beer. We love the rooftop, semi-open-air setting and there's pilsner to IPA and lager to Hefeweizen to choose from in terms of craft beer. The food is a mix of Indian, Asian, and continental with the appetisers and mains coming highly recommended. 

The Bier Library

We love the koi pond feature and we love the open-air seating. One of the spots for our usual Sunday brunches, The Bier Library has fresh craft beer on tap and pizza by the slice! But that's not all, they have live music, lots of community-style seating, and good food to make this a regular spot to hang with the family or the gang. 

The Reservoire

The Reservoire with its two floors and a rooftop space is one of the prettiest rooftop spaces in Koramangala (and Bangalore). The bar prides itself on being a cocktail bar with plenty of signature cocktail drinks to order from and make your night a fun one. Oh and their biryani (yes you read that right) comes highly recommended. 

The Local - Terrace Drinkery

When you just want to grab some beer and a few bites with the gang, you head to the rooftop or rather the terrace of The Local. Beer by the pitcher or tower is the usual norm amongst its regular patrons and stick with the bar nibbles and you'll see the night out in a good way. 

Where To Eat: Desserts

Some of Bangalore’s (best) initial dessert offerings used to be found in Koramangala. From Cupcake Noggins, Berry’d Alive, Spoonful of Sugar, treats at the Tuck Shop, and Mad Over Donuts back in the day, if you were on a bit of a budget and wanted a treat, Koramangala had your back. In 2022, here are the must-visit popular spots in Koramangala for desserts


A recent addition to Koramangala all the way from Mumbai is Theobroma known for their brownies. Whether it’s indulgent chocolate brownies, brookies, cookies, and other baked desserts, they’re popular across the country! What’s awesome is that they also have eggless and vegan options for all their brownies. So whoever you’re making the rounds of Koramangala with, there’s something for everyone!

Candy Cloud Factory

This was quite the novel concept when it opened and remains so. Candy Cloud Factory is where you go if you think you’ve lost your inner child, or want to regain your sweet tooth because their star offering is cotton candy! They have a bunch of delightful flavours and innovative options like the cloud candy burrito, the cherry blossom tree, as well as the classic. Of course they have other dessert options like pancakes, waffles, sundaes and freak shakes too.

Apsara Ice Creams

Love Indian flavours? Apsara Ice Creams has managed to infuse them into all their ice creams. Guava Chilli, Falooda, Tamarind (sorbet), Anjeer, and Pani Puri (sorbet) are some of the inherently Indian flavours you can expect here. Reminiscent of classic, old school ice creams, they serve only scoops and ice candies. Of course, they have contemporary classics like Belgian Chocolate, Roasted Almond, and Mint are on offer, with seasonal (fruit-based) specials too.


While Lavender is a cafe, their desserts are what really hits the spot. They actually have a bunch of interesting cookie flavours, so if you’re feeling too full after a meal, just pick up a pack of their Lavender Infused Shortbread Cookies, or Pink Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie and treat yourself when you’re home. If you’d rather sit down and eat (where just desserts are worth it!), then the Croissant Bread Pudding with Chocolate Chunks comes with a berry compote and is the epitome of indulgence. Of course, you can have their Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Black Forest or the divine Tiramisu too if you’re not looking to experiment.

Where To Shop: Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Koramangala's popular shopping spots are inside malls but these are some of the top stores that we regularly do our shopping from. 


Westside is a great spot for shopping. With brands like Nuon, Biba, Bombay Paisley and Utsa, they’ve got something for every type of personality and you can be assured of some great buys without breaking the bank. Dresses, skirts, shirts and even ethnic wear is available in a number of sizes and options.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencers is a great spot to stock up on for formal wear. For everyday western wear, check out their collection of linen and cotton apparel that is both comfortable and trendy. Since they mostly deal in neutral colours and blacks and whites, definitely build your wardrobe basics with pieces from here.


All of Koramangala’s top beauty and cosmetics stores are located in Forum Mall, but of course the French cosmetic chain of stores, Sephora has an outlet in Forum Mall. They've got everything you need when it comes to makeup, skincare and accessories (for makeup) for the ladies. They also have a separate smaller section (aftershaves, balms, salves, lotions and more) for men. You will find a host of brands here Benefit, Stila, Make Up For Ever and Sephora’s own in-house brand.

Forum Mall

The Forum Mall is where most shopping in Koramangala happens. The mall is home to both national and international brands including FabIndia, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Wildcraft, Marks & Spencer Lingerie, United Colors of Benetton, Vans, Nike, Adidas, Metro, Miniso, The Body Shop, Soch, and Bose.

Oasis Centre

If not Forum, then it's Oasis Centre for all your shopping and even grocery needs. Lifestyle on the first two floors, Home Centre on the third, and Spar on the fourth floor make up Oasis Centre. You can pick up watches to perform, bakeware to baking supplies, and alcohol to wine glasses all at Oasis Centre. 

Spice Girls

Probably a bit old school, but on trend and highly budget-friendly, Spice Girls is probably the hottest spot to get yourselves kicks in Koramangala. This store offers everything from stilettos, boots, sneakers, ballerina flats or sandals, at prices starting at just INR 700. While the quality is not noteworthy, it’s well worth the decent pricing. 

The Shoe Shop

Discount on sneakers? Yes, please! Racks of branded shoes - sneakers, sports shoes, and casuals, - make up most of this store, with a section also for formal shoes and sandals, mostly for men. But ladies, they do have a tiny section with flats and wedges here. while the other section is divided between formal shoes and a collection of sandals. There’s a small section for ladies as well, with flats and wedges being the predominant collection. The price range starts from as low as INR 800 with a few of our superstar picks priced between INR 1,500 and INR 2,500. But go here for that one off discount you get on the newest trends. Up to 50 per cent sometimes!

Peculiar Footwear

Take it from us that there is nothing peculiar about this shoe store at 5th Block Koramangala that sells everything, from casual to formals and home slippers for men. The range here starts from INR 600, and you should head here for the basics, and nothing more.

Ray Ethnic

Ray Ethnic stocks up on handloom sarees, palazzo pants with matching kurtas, long ethnic dresses, short sleeveless dresses with pockets, and a whole range of accessories such as bags and jewellery to go with the apparel. You will love how the collection of ethnic wear is perfect for occasions as well as everyday wear. 

Where To Shop: Everything Else

From budget electronics to gifting, here are our top picks! 

Sapna Bookhouse

Sapna Bookhouse is practically an institution for books, stationery, gifts and more. Spread over 3 floors, they have a range of books that covers everything from the latest book releases to books for competitive exams. Notebooks, planners, and journals of all kinds are available aplenty as are basic arts and crafts supplies. They also sell board games, card games, educational toys, and videogames too. When it comes to gifting, feel free to browse through cards, keepsakes, and curios. Gift worthy decor like wind chimes, vases, desk organisers and accessories (as well as computer accessories like mousepads, webcam extensions, and portable chargers) are available too. 


Miniso (in Forum) is a paradise for those of you who love all things cute and functional. So neck pillows shaped like pandas, banana shaped beauty kits, and even cute cutlery and home appliances with with animal, fruit, and cartoon prints among other things. What you can also pick up are bags, storage options, and budget friendly cosmetics (nail paints, lipsticks, and foundations among others) and lovely smelling fragrances that make great gifts too!


An independent bookstore near JNC, Bookstop! should be where you go if you love finding hidden gem books to cozy up with. So apart from usual fiction and non-fiction, check them out or their collection of graphic novels, comics, and children's books (illustrated and otherwise). 

Where To Shop: Home Decor

Koramangala's home decor scene might not be as big as Indiranagar (it did have some really awesome ones though) but the little we have are truly one of a kind. 

Sunshine Boulevard

It's your one-stop shop for all those whimsical home decor needs. It's like entering Mad Hatters' Tea Party for quirky, one-of-a-kind decor and furniture. You'll find distressed furniture in the form of wooden chests sitting along with painted trunks, and those carved mirrors that look like the Mirror of Erised.  


Palasa is set inside a two-storied house and whether you are a plant parent or a decor enthusiast, you will find that every nook and cranny has is filled with planters of different shapes, sizes, and designs. From designer ones to small ones that you can add to your desk, there's a whole lot to pick up. You will also find regular terracotta planters. We love that they also stock up on trendy designs -- jute planters and macrame hanging planters. 


FabIndia's home decor store in Koramangala is one of the best we've come across for its sheer collection and the fact that every corner of the store is set up like a room in the house. From bedroom furniture to crockery, you can spend an entire day picking up things to redecorate your house with. Oh, and if you have a liking for gorgeous fabric, we recommend you stay away from the home linen section simply because you'll want them all! 

Things To Do

Apart from the usual eating, drinking, and shopping at Koramangala, there are activities to enjoy. K-OS Game Bar is awesome for larger groups as they have managed to make the simple game of darts super engaging (in various formats). So if want to eat and also have fun, this is the place. There's also The Grid for all other games like bowling, laser tag, air hockey, and a VR room.  For something that's not just a one-off experience, and more calming, sign up for a class or workshop at Trayah Pottery next to Bethany High School. Feel free to buy something as well there. 

Hidden Gem: In Touch Books & Magazine

Started 25 years ago by avid reader Harindra Savanur, In Touch Books and Magazines is a cosy little store in Koramangala's BDA Complex. Packed with as many books and magazines as the place can hold, the bookstore offers something for everyone from picture books and illustrated encyclopaedias for the little ones to fiction and non-fiction books in every genre to mystery and astrology for adults.

Hidden Gem: Book Fair

Not everyone knows about the year-round Book Fair in Koramangala. The non-descript store stocks up on old, used, and new books. It's a treasure trove for finding books of all genres and ages in either used or pristine condition. Pick from fiction to physics and non-fiction to self-help books and while you are browsing through the collection, you will find even the most obscure books amongst it.