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Buttersweet Prawns To Soupy Lamb: Forage's Healthy California-Style Food Is Killing It

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If you’re craving something light, healthy, low on carbs and extremely flavourful, head to Forage for tasty California-style clean eating and a relaxed ambience!

Chow Down

Zucchini Pappardelle, Buttersweet Prawns, Soupy Lamb, Beef Fillet

Sip On

Beer or wine work best

Winning For

Beautiful decor, friendly service, excellently prepared healthy food and a great selection of books!

Lowdown On The Ambience

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, and walking in felt like I was entering someone’s chic-but-intimate home — think simple floors and walls, accentuated by colourful couches, statement rugs, a loaded bookshelf {with books from Politically Correct Bedtime Stories to Sidney Sheldon novels} and lamps all around to create warm lighting. The indoor area will serve as more of a cafe during the daytime, while the outdoor area is perfect for some nighttime alfresco dining over a glass of wine.

What's On The Menu

I was excited to learn that not only was the menu serving up California-style food, but everything was made keeping health in mind — think plenty of proteins and veggies packed with plenty of flavour. I started with a Zucchini Pappardelle, served with sweet peppers, asparagus and caramelised bacon. The zucchini was finely ribboned with just the right crunch. The bacon, however, was perfectly crispy, and topped with jaggery instead of sugar for a healthy twist. Buttersweet Pawns, accompanied with asparagus and sage came next, and didn’t quite win my heart.

For my mains I decided on the Soupy Lamb, as well as the Beef Fillet with shallots and mashed pumpkin. The Soupy Lamb was just what I needed on that cold night. The broth was hearty, meaty and was accompanied by millet grains, making for a wholesome dish. The Beef Fillet was also excellent — it was cooked medium rare, and was tender and succulent. While I didn’t think the shallots did much for the dish, the mashed pumpkin added a rich taste.

Sweet Symphony

For dessert, I ordered an Olive Oil Chocolate Torte in unsweetened coconut milk. The torte was made using almond flour and jaggery, and the olive oil gave it a rich taste, but cut down on heaviness. I also got a Crème Caramel, which was topped off with a generous amount of cashew butter and was absolutely heavenly!

So We're Thinking...

We’re definitely heading there during the daytime for a cup of coffee, a good read and {did we mention?} free WiFi!


We didn’t even realise this until mid-way through the meal, but Forage doesn’t offer chicken. With all their other yummy dishes, we swear you probably won’t notice too!