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We’re Sure You’ve Heard Of And Tasted This Brand’s Sauces, Dips And Spreads

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If Veeba is the first name that struck your mind after reading the title, you’re right. A meteoric rise in the market propelled by product innovation and taste has made the brand what it is today. Veeba makes some high quality sauces, mayonnaise, butters, sandwich spreads, salad dressings and even toppings for desserts. The list is endless and the brand boasts of close to 80 products all in all. Not only are the majority of the brand’s products all vegetarian, the fat content is as low as a miniscule 1%, going all the way upto 23% only! They have sweet toppings that can be topped on desserts, nut butters in various textures and flavourings, sandwich sauces, salad dressings, ketchups, mayonnaises and even ready-to-eat curry pastes. 

    Vee-ba(t) for their bestselling 78% fat-free Chipotle Southwest Dressing, smoky mexican flavours with a creamy texture, this dressing goes well for salads, wraps and sandwiches. I’ve a soft spot for all things garlic and I say this with clarity, I can pair their garlic mayo with anything, or have them just as a dip for fried snacks on gameday. There’s even the Cheese and Chilli sandwich spread that is pretty self-explanatory. Some things just can’t go wrong and this is one of them. Now here’s something a bit more on the different side. Try their Japanese Roasted Sesame Dressing that goes well as marinades for meat and seafood as well as in salads and stir-fries. To end on a sweet note, their sweet toppings, most notably the mango sauce, almond and various forms of peanut butters are just condiments that deserve a spot on your pantry’s wardrobe of fame.

      Available Online