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Get Scrumptious, Gluten-Free Baked Goods By This Bangalore Home Baker!

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What Makes It Awesome

While we can all agree that digging into a decadent slice of cake at the end of the week is the best way to start the weekend, we rarely ever think of the ingredients that go into making it. Most of our go-to desserts are made up of gluten and we’re learning now that it might not be all that great for us! But rather than deprive ourselves of everything that’s sweet and wonderful, we’ve found a home baker in Namma Ooru, Bengaluru, who whips up divine looking (and tasting) gluten-free, baked goodies from fresh, real ingredients. 

Rashmi Michael is the woman behind Chiffon Tree, a premium Gluten Free bakery,  and she’s a firsthand witness of life without gluten. Her battle with Celiac disease and love of all things baked and baking is what made her start baking gluten-free versions of our favourite sweet and savory treats. Her focus on nutrition and taste took her through her research, and helped her create these exclusive, gluten-free treats that give you an upgraded feeling of happiness and contentment of biting into a scrumptious  slice of cake, without the junk of commercially produced products. 

These sweet and savory treats are made with real love in an exclusive gluten-free facility which is why it is the trusted place for celiac as well as non-celiac folks.

You get to pick from luscious buttercream cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies and pound cakes. Brownie flavors like Mint, Mocha, Vat 69 (for the adults!), and Raspberry sound amazing but taste even better. Same goes for the cookies menu. And if you can’t choose between them, get yourself a Brookie (a brownie cookie!). Their Sourdough breads are packed with deliciousness and nutrition both. The Sourdough multigrain, Seeded and Veggie loaves pair great with your hashbrowns and eggs; they also have Sweet Cinnamon Raisin buns and Burger buns for your Sunday barbecue with the fam. And they have just introduced their Gluten Free Multigrain Pizza base too.

Whether you eat gluten free or not, their products will bring you happiness like never before. Clean, fresh, real food ingredients, no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colours or flavours puts good health right on your table. So if you are a Celiac or are just looking for healthy desserts and breads, Chiffon Tree is your one stop shop for life.