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Go Here For An Exceptional Gourmet Experience In Community Dining!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Bohra Bohra Thaal is a unique food experience inspired by the Bohra community cuisine. The entire meal is served on mammoth steel platters called ‘Thaals’ and rightly so. This ‘thaal’ at Bohra Bohra is shared amongst friends, family or just connoisseurs bonding over an epicurean feast. You get a choice of Vegetarian or non-vegetarian versions of these ‘Thaals’.

Chef Rehana, cooks and serves the various courses of this meal complete with authentic Bohri flavours. The meal starts with a pinch of salt because salt activates your taste buds just enough. Arpitha, Rehana’s co-partner in this venture, carefully explained how the ‘pinch of salt’ enhances your culinary experience two-fold. A plate of dessert precedes the entrée and the main course. We sampled an exceptional ‘Anjeer Halwa’ that carries only the sweetness of the fruit and crunchiness of almonds. Leaves an extremely rich taste on the palate. This follows a plate of some delectable appetizers. Since we had the non-vegetarian version, we were served the ‘Smoked Chicken Keema Samosas’ and the scrumptious ‘Fried Chicken’. Both tasted excellent, especially the Fried chicken that was crisp on the outside but falling off the bone inside. Then comes the star of the show, ‘The Raan’ which is the Bohri version of slow-cooked Mutton Leg with a creamy Tomato cashew gravy. The ‘Chicken Khichdi’ and ‘Biryani’ are the grand finish and both dishes are commendable enough!

The great thing about Bohri cuisine is the perfect blend of flavours without being overly spicy. Though the cooking techniques and ingredients of most Indian food are more or less similar, it's quite fascinating how each cuisine manages to produce unique flavours.

The Bohra Bohra Thaal promises a grand introduction to the Bohri cuisine, complete with the flavours and the nuances of community dining. If you are a gourmand then this is one meal you have to have in Bengaluru.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.