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Sign Up With These Gyms And Work Out For Under INR 2,000 A Month

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A gym membership is far from cheap but you don’t have to spend too much for the right to sweat it out on a treadmill. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve listed out our pick of gyms in the city for just under INR 2,000.

Steve's Gym

Popular for being the place where most bodybuilders and trainers workout, Steve’s Gym is one of the oldest names in the fitness circuit and a month’s membership costs just around INR 2,000. For teens, young adults and even senior citizens, this gym has something in store. 

Cost: INR 2,000 for a month


Trihedron has yoga, dance, aerobics and strength training on offer, hence the name. One membership and you can pick from a mix of classes or opt for all of them. They don't have a solely heavylifting setup like other gyms so be of the know. Pay their subscription fee of INR 500 and you can avail free trials, five of them.

Cost: 1,500 per month

Quadz Fitness

Aerobics, dance, yoga, zumba? Quadz has it all. The usual gym membership comes at INR 2,000 but the other fitness studio activities are on great deals as well. With so much packed into one membership, you really don’t have an excuse now!

Cost: INR 2,350 upwards (inclusive of taxes)

Navi Fitness Gym

You can workout at Navi Fitness for just INR 1,000 per month. In fact, their current offer gets you an extra three-month membership for just INR 3,000 for their first three months. For a gym not charging much in terms of membership fees, they have a good set of equipment. Add to that endurance workouts and super cardio exercises, this is an all-round gym. They also have on-duty nutritional support so you’ll know what you should be eating, as well.

Cost: INR 1,000 per month

Dance 360

Ditch the gym and head to a dance class if you’re not up for hardcore workouts. Dance 360 offers Bollywood, Salsa, Belly Dance, Ballet and something called Dance Fitness in Beast Mode. With ample space and trained instructors, you're bound to have one fun-filled and tiring session, take it from us. That’s what we want to try. 

Cost: INR 450 per session


Pick up a new skill like hip-hop or kathak at Dancekala’s classes for women and kids. They also have Bboying and Freestyle on offer. There is a nice set of dance classes in different genres such as Bboying, Freestyle, Jazz, and folk for kids and women. See, you don’t always need a gym to help you get fit. Bring on the dance moves, y’all!

Cost: INR 1,800 upwards (per month for kids)