Happy Hens Farm Wins For Their Free-Range Eggs And Cognac Brownies


Raising their hens in an all-natural surrounding, Happy Hens farm brings high quality nutrition {and dessert} to the Bangalore food scene. Some spiked brownies, anyone?

Birds Of A Feather

Started by Manjunath and Sumitha, Happy Hens was started by the couple because they wanted to give their two daughters the best quality food they could find, and we all know good quality eggs are hard to come by. Happy Hens Farm is nothing like your typical poultry farm — the birds here are treated in the best possible way, ensuring a life without fear, distress and discomfort. You can find Kadaknath hens here, a sturdy local breed — these are some real Made In India eggs.

Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, the hens are given free run of the farm, and have plenty of access to fresh air, warm sunlight, yummy bugs for them to snack on, and the ability to have dust baths. With plenty of greenery surrounding them, the hens lay their eggs in nests, meaning your breakfast was laid in the most natural way possible. The happier the hen, the healthier your egg, meaning it’s nothing but good for you!

Bake Up A Storm

A baker by hobby for over six years, Sumitha says since free-range hens get to eat a lot more greens than caged hens, making their eggs much creamier than regular eggs. This really contributes to the taste of the brownies, which we’re still dreaming of. We absolutely love her cognac brownies — they’re soft, fluffy and so rich in flavour {you can definitely taste the yummy cognac}, with a thin, gooey chocolate sauce spread over the top. And if you’d rather go alcohol-free, request her walnut brownies! Currently she only takes large scale orders — a minimum of 1 kg at INR 1,000, meaning there’s enough for you, as well as just a few bites left over for all your friends and family!