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Good Style = Great Taste. Interior Designer Ravi Vazirani Gives Us Styling Tips

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With us spending more time than ever at home, we've all started paying more attention to it! The collective decision has been that it should be a space that’s flexible, comfortable and the one space that’s an extension of the self. We spoke to Mumbai-based, award-winning (Architectural Digest's AD50 Design Award, 2015) Interior designer Ravi Vazirani from RVDS whose core philosophy in designing homes is just that. Having designed homes for the likes of Karan Johar, and more recently Rhea Kapoor, his minimal yet warm and welcoming home and aesthetic is getting a lot of love on social media too. When it comes to creating ‘home’ while setting up your house, are some insights we got from him.

Anti-Trend Aesthetics

Not a big believer of fleeting trends, Vazirani believes that accessibility is at the heart of how we choose to decorate our homes. Minimalism fits in nicely with this (and largely what his IG feed will also show you). Clean lines, functional decor, muted hues and the like. Aesthetics change, but functionality is forever. What makes minimalism so appealing is the sense of calm it adds to the home. From the material, proportions, and even the colour palette, who doesn’t want to just let the chaos of the world just melt away at home? Certain styles are forever too - like mid-century furniture. Vazirani’s ideal living room would follow an earthy, natural colour palette with pops of colour

Decor With Soul

For those who want to add decor pieces or art at home, Vazirani says “just go with whatever makes you happy!”. For engagement, explore colours with soul like rust, greens, browns (a great way to do this is with plants and planters if you have the patience and a green thumb we feel!). Something he notes as interesting is that decor pieces and curios at home these days are highly travel-inspired - all come with a story and are reminiscent of the trip itself. Makes for a great conversation piece too! So think coconut shell decor from coastal regions, bamboo pieces from North East India and pretty much any indigenous craft style - India has plenty to choose from. 

Going Local

In an extension to the previous point, local craftsmanship and art styles are having a hot moment. The flavour of Indian art and craft styles is timeless and one that is here to stay! Designers (and us too) are going straight to the source to pick up indigenous art styles and decor pieces whether it’s Ikkat, or Longpi (from the northeast). It doesn’t hurt that most of these are made from natural materials and also often reflect a certain rawness, and add a touch of wabi-sabi, complementing minimalistic styles well. 


A lot of Indian homes already have elements of sustainability - in that decor and furniture are inherited or bought from local secondhand markets. Vazirani believes that good design isn’t necessarily having something “new”. Something that’s sturdy and timeless is a much better addition to the home than something new. What’s cool is that so many vintage and older styles of furniture (especially hardwood options) can be refurbished, refinished, and upcycled to fit into most homes. He’s demonstrated the concept of classic design in his range of QIT.A furniture. While their raison d'etre is for the collectable value, we think the fact that the pieces are made to order is super cool! They look like they could be vintage, but are quite minimal too/

To Each Their Own

At the end of the day he says, there’s no one size fits all for setting up the ideal home. Material of upholstery, decor pieces, and size of the furniture all depend on the usage. A single person in their 20s will have a very different home from someone with a family. Durability, ease of maintenance, and functionality all come into play. What makes for great style we asked. His answer? Good taste!