Bangaloreans, You Are Going To Get A New Airport Soon! Flight Testing May Begin In January 2018

Aakanksha posted on 29 December

Yes the news came a few months ago, but we’ve been following up on it and it’s becoming more of a reality! Hallelujah! The Hosur Airport is about 35 kilometres from Electronic City on the opposite side of the current airport, the Kempegowda International Airport. While Hosur is technically in Tamil Nadu, the airport will service Bangalore and its citizens, connecting smaller towns in the vicinity with larger cities, in addition to reducing congestion at the international airport. So if you lived on the South East of Bangalore, this is great news for you. Imagine, you won’t be traumatised by the Silk Board signal while catching your flight!

With limited flights out of the airport, it’s expected to open for flights to Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, and perhaps other closer destinations in due course. The airfield, in Belagondapalli village, Thally Road, is expected to have low-cost carriers fly in and out of it, and is capable of handling Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s on 2,168 metre airstrip. Apparently, the air traffic control towers will be in Chennai, for some of the smaller towns {like Pondicherry} which means they’re going to have to execute from a distance. And if it’s fool proof, then three flights out of Hosur may be a reality. Hosur is likely to have its own ATC Tower. In fact, testing for phase one of this scheme might happen in January!

No more jokes about taking less time to get to Delhi from Bangalore than most of us take to get to the airport! Hopefully it’ll be smooth take off to this airport.

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