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IKEA India Is Officially Live And You Can Add All Their Products To Your Wishlist

    Finally, the dream is getting real. First IKEA teased us with the Hej Home at the Forum Mall in Hyderabad, and now inching closer to its first store launch, the IKEA website is live, and we’re excited. Of course, you can’t actually buy anything yet. But just the look of those gorgeous modular kitchens, children’s bedroom, and even those slick drawing rooms have got us thrilled. The catalogue is neatly divided into sections of the house — from storage units, TV furniture and kitchen products to baby rooms, chairs and decoration. Check it out here. We have already added plenty to our wishlist. In fact, this circus tent it at the top! If you’re like us and have slight OCD, the collection of TV and media organisers will make you crazy happy. We are also tripping on the lighting section which includes tall, floor versions of quaint beside lamps. Outdoor furniture, kitchen stuff and desks are also part of the catalogue. And the best part is that prices are not too bad! You can stuff starting at just INR 500, with things like desks and other furniture going up to INR 12,000. You can look around the photos on the website, mentally making notes of what you will buy, and where in your home you will put it. We’re loving the interactive nature of the website that lets you take virtual tours and take quizzes. This writer took a “What Furniture Are You” Quiz. Lo and behold, it turns out I am a Billy — a very sought-out bookcase, whose “depth and vastness of your knowledge surprises and delights even those who know you really well”. Can’t argue with that! There’s even a page that draws parallels between Sweden and India, especially in the home department. Who knew a plate was taalrik in Swedish and thaali in Hindi! The website also allows you to join up as part of the IKEA Family to get alerts on events, new products and special deals. If you’re in Hyderabad, you can also schedule a visit to the Hej Home model, through the site. Check out the website here and the catalogue here.