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Take Your Pasta Puttanesca To The Next Level With This Brand's Organic Capers

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Ishka Farms

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What Makes It Awesome

For all those times you've eaten capers in your pasta and those Mediterranean baked fish, and loved that salty, acidic, and briny flavour, well you can now get them for your pasta dishes at home. And you have Ishka Farms to thank for. Touted to be India's first organised commercial farm to grown organic farm fresh capers, Ishka Farms is located in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. Their products? The capers, moringa leaves, and Tuticorin sea salt sourced from the Tuticorin salt pans. 

We ordered their Organic Capers in Brine and the Tuticorin Sea Salt, and we popped a few capers just like that and oh wow, they are flavour bombs. Obviously, these capers made their way into our pasta puttanesca and now we're thinking of adding these to almost everything we make -- salads to seafood. You can get your organic capers home delivered by placing your order on their website. You have five varieties of capers to pick up from -- depending on the size of the capers as well as the curing method. Oh, they also have a caper salt option. Next time our stock is getting over, we are getting the moringa powder too. 


Delivery is Pan-India.