Mario Puzo And Star Wars: This Second-Hand Book Stall Is Selling Them For Just INR 20

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Bookworms, there’s another budget book haunt in town. Enter Kamal Book Stall in Malleswaram, an old-school bookshop that’s stocking up on some second-hand reads on offer at great prices.

What Makes It Awesome

On the buzzing Sampige Road lies another hidden gem for bookworms. We’re talking about Kamal Book Stall which is a tiny bookshop set up on the pavement. Looking like any other ordinary magazine and newspaper vendor on the street, we didn’t expect much from the place, but we were in for a pleasant surprise. The stall has quite the selection of books and magazines across genres. But what caught our eye immediately were the 50 odd books laid out on the ground with a sign on top that read INR 20. Yes, my friends. All these tomes were up for grabs at just INR 20. We automatically began sifting through these books and found gems like Star Wars, a couple of books by Mario Puzo, non-fiction tomes and even books in Kannada. 

There’s plenty of fiction to bury your nose into here from Catch 22 to The White Tiger, but the selection doesn’t end there. We spotted old textbooks, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, self-help books and more. Magazines like Grazia, Vogue and even the Harvard Business Review had a place on the stands, but they weren’t the latest issues though. All the books were second-hand though, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a deal you need to bookmark asap!


You can bargain your way into getting a better deal. Give them a call at +91 7899070042 before you drop in, just to make sure they’re open.