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This Beach Home In Kerala Is A Hidden Gem And Is Just 7 Hours Away From Bangalore


    Looking for a serene spot on a gorgeous beach? Well, you won’t have to venture too far from Bangalore! Head to the popular Kannur Beach House, around 7 hours from Bangalore, for a sweet escape.

    Sea Off

    Hidden beaches are rare these days. Especially in scenic Kerala, a tourist’s paradise. However, if you are looking to leave behind city life and head out for a sun-kissed holiday by a quiet beach, then, it doesn’t get better than the Kannur Beach House. The drive there will take you around 7 hours and you can spend an entire weekend {or longer} discovering the awesomeness  of the Malabar region.

    One of the best rated properties along the Malabar coast, Kannur Beach House is made up of a traditional, Kerala bungalow that’s about a 100 years old. It’s run by a couple and you’ll be sharing your space with them when you are here. The property can house up to 25 people {room rates begin at INR 3,200 for two — during the off season — and includes breakfast and lunch}. From your room, you can peek out at the blue, blue waters that lap the seashore. Or even catch glimpses of the river that runs along the other side of the property. If you are already dreaming of a getaway at this scenic property, we recommend that you book your room fast since the beach house is very popular with tourists.

    A Taste of Malabar

    Apart from sunning yourself by the beach, there is plenty to do here. Ditch the travel guides and pick the brains of the affable owners for their recommendations and tips, they’ll point you towards some real gems. Around the property itself, you can row a boat {the beach house has one} along the waters of the tranquil river. If your rowing skills are not up to the mark, you can explore the mangrove populated banks for birdlife. You can also arrange trips {these will come at an additional cost, of course} to tour a nearby weaving facility or you can catch a Theyyam {a dramatic and colourful tradition of ritualistic worship} performance while you are here.