Old-School, Durable, Reliable: Journal Away In These Vegan Leather Bound Books

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What Makes It Awesome

Haven't caught the journaling bug yet? Embrace this buzzword (for the right reasons) because handwritten reflection is proven to do good for you. But just before you get to organising your thoughts, it's important to zero in on the perfect notebook, simply because you will take it everywhere, like a handy BFF!

While there's all sorts of lovely notebooks, our favourite is an oldy but goody. We recommend you pick from the classic and quality leather bound notebooks from KOSMC on Shop On LBB. Their style screams vintage grandeur (think libraries with leather journals stacked side by side) like it was made to preserve important musings but made it earth-friendly vegan leather. Edgy is another way to describe their slightly more stylish notebooks like the Croc Effect Tan with a Pen or the Red Vegan Leather Cover Notebook. Similarly sleek is the Suede Leather beauties available in colours of blue, tan and grey.

These are lightweight with a slim build and have smooth off-white 80GSM paper making writing an absolute joy. It also lies flat for easy journaling on the go! Priced at INR 699 and INR 995 KOSMC notebooks are currently at a 40% discount on LBB! Grab yours to start writing, scrawling, drawing and creating today.

In addition to its simple presentation, this notebook lies flat and has very smooth paper, which makes writing in it an absolute joy.