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    There's something charming about penning down our thoughts in a diary. No matter how digitized our lives get, we somehow keep going back to the old ways of ink pens and leather journals. This is exactly what circled our brains when we were going through Kaagazi. They have an online presence with many retailers present in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Leh, Goa, Dehradun and Ahmedabad. 

    Based out of Ahmedabad, this brand excels in handcrafted stationery and contemporary art. Their products range from pocket-sized sketchbooks to leather journals and much more. If you're someone who loves to collect different kinds of notebooks and journals then there's a high possibility that you're intrigued by the kind of paper that's in it. For all our travelogues, recipes or other kinds of documentation (the field is wide), we would love to score their ruled notebooks and sketchbooks. The covers are water-proof and come in solid colours that look pretty elegant to carry. What's great about these notebooks is that they don't use regular paper. It's either the yellow parchment or cartridge paper - both equally carrying an old-school vibe. Just when we thought we were done browsing through these sharp notebooks we came across their Chocolate Handmade Marbled Marvel (INR 350) which serves complete justice to its name. Compiled with handmade cotton and jute, these notebooks don't blot with ink. They are made using the Paper Marbling technique hence each has a unique pattern to it. How absurdly cool is that! Kaagazi also has a separate collection for notebooks with printed covers - Hot Air Balloons, Marauder's Map (not the Harry Potter one, how we wish it were though), Flowers, and more. While some of us are confident enough to share our work (and words) with everyone, many like to keep it protected and just for ourselves. That is when Kaagazi's Leather Journals come in. Made with handmade cotton and jute paper, these come with a tiny C-lock and a key-shaped bookmark. Apart from that, you can also shop for strap-on pencil cases, leather roll-up pouches and even some beautifully designed wallets. Their collection is not freakishly huge and caters to those who have a fine taste when it comes to buying stationery. You can place your orders online through their website and they ship their products worldwide.

    Price: INR 250 onwards 


    You can shop for personalised stationery as well. However, it is subjected to a minimum order requirement of INR 15,000 or at least 50 units. The range for customized products starts at INR 80 (plus GST) per book. 

      Available Online