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Let's Nacho Guys: The Best Of Our Favourite Tex Mex Snack At City Restaurants

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Move over roasted peanuts and chips, our pint of beer now has a new bestie — and we are talking nachos in all its myriad forms. Crispy, baked or fried, served with good old fashioned guac or drowning in cheese, whatever you crave you will find it being offered at eateries around the city. A perfect start to every meal, a platter of nachos makes for sharing when you are in good company or even otherwise.


They have gone from Sanchos to Sanchez recently, but they do retain the familiar Mexican menu with new additions. Along with your plate of nachos, enjoy fresh guacamole made right at your table. You have the choice of choosing from different exotic ingredients such as charred-grilled pineapple and pomegranate, or grilled corn and black beans. The dipping sauces aside, you can choose your nacho toppings  — from melted cheese to sour cream, and even chilli con carne with either chicken or beef.

Arbor Brewing Company

When you want to pair the perfect appetiser with your pint of craft beer, Arbor takes its selection as carefully as its beer. Their black bean nachos are served crispy, with the usual sauces on the side and with a choice of adding on roasted vegetables, cajun spiced chicken or grilled tenderloin. We will have that with their signature pale ale, thank you.

The Open Box

The quirky decor extends to their menu, with the Papdi Nachos — a take on the classic papdi chaat, with nachos instead. The nachos arrive on a cutesy mini cart, and there’s no denying the chaat touch to this dish. And with the sweet and spicy chicken {there’s a veggie version}, this one packs quite the punch.


Not stopping at a plain cheese sauce, Chilli’s serve a classic style of nachos with a three-cheese sauce along with queso, jalapeños and black beans. The presentation has the toppings served on the nachos, which makes this delicious and fuss-free. If you want to add a smokey flavour to it, we recommend adding grilled chicken.


Apart from their beer, Toit  also gives their nachos a little more extra TLC with wheat-baked versions, and in-house cream cheese. They get additional brownie points with the option of adding chicken or bacon to your plate of fresh and crispy nachos.

Koramangala Social

If you crave the crunch but want to skip the indulgent cheese, we hear you. Social does a Taco soup, that is a Mexican tomato broth, topped with crushed nachos. But if you want to go all out — their loaded nachos, complete with toppings  are up for grabs too.


Giving an interesting take to nachos, Truffles comes with a twist,  with their Mexican Nachos Grande, is a salad tossed with bell peppers, lettuce, nachos and bbq sauce.

Hard Rock Cafe

Any place that runs a Nacho festival, has a dear place in our hearts. Hard Rock Cafe sets the bar high, with a selection of nachos that have delicious toppings — from Pepperoni Pizzachos with parmesan to Shawarma nachos that comes with a side of sriracha hummus.  The rodeo nachos comes with a cilantro cheese sauce, and for the desi at heart there is a nacho inspired chaat too. Apart from that, they also serve a gigantic sharing platter of corn tortilla chips with mixed cheese and the works.


How can you write about nachos without mentioning Chinita in Indiranagar. This tex-mex restaurant makes their nachos fresh, and also uses them in a bunch of dishes. Have their nacho as is — homemade tortilla chips, topped with melted cheese, beans, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. Opt for additions such as chicken, beef, prawn, vegetarian or soyrizo, Chinita’s soy version of meat. Chinita also crumbles fried nachos onto their Chinita Salad, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, roasted corn, dressed with a creamy queso dressing and tpped with grated parmesan. Yum!