Visit Mahabalipuram for Sun, Sand, Seafood and Shoes

    Navya posted on 25 January


    White sand beaches and gorgeous blue waters aside, Mahabalipuram is also a foodie’s paradise and is a great place to shop for your next pair of comfy shoes.

    Something fishy

    A busy tourist town by the beach, Mahabalipuram is known for its fresh seafood. We recommend that you try the Blue Elephant for their prawns dressed up in a butter garlic sauce and their coconut-infused fish curries along with their Tawa Fish Fry. Santana, that’s right on Mahabalipuram beach, offers a spectacular view of the sea while serving fiery plates of prawns and calamari.

    Sole search

    Just beyond the main beach, there is labyrinth of shops where you can buy keepsakes, apparel, sculptures, and trinkets. But, we recommend, that you concentrate on getting yourself a pair or two of comfy shoes. A handful of non-descript shops, in the area, are in the business of crafting of leather chappals and sandals for a few hundreds (between INR 250- 350). They often make the simple designs in eye-popping colours so that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. If you are staying at Mahabalipuram for a few days, order up a pair of custom-made shoes (the shops require a couple of days to deliver them) that you can take home.  


    Since it is such a hit with foreigners, Mahabalipuram’s food scene has come to include cosy cafes that specialise in English breakfasts, waffles and crepes. Do try Freshly ‘n’ Hot Cafe for their crepes and savoury pancakes. Namaste Restaurant and German Bakery are a must visit for their divine chocolate and Black Forest pastries.

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