Forever In Love With Cupcakes? Then You Need To Try Some At The Baker's Table In Yelahanka

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What Makes It Awesome

The Bakers' Table in Yelahanka is where you need to head to treat yourself to some delicious cupcakes and more. The icing to our visit has to be the decadent icing on these cupcakes, in options of decadent chocolate to red velvet to strawberry buttercream. Since I live by the "A cupcake a day keeps the tummy rumbles away!" mantra, I fullly recommend ordering a couple from here.

This bakery that came into being in 2015 after home-baker, Jeslyn and Sophia decided that their North Bengaluru folks needed quality baked goods also has other treats on the menu. Mostly centered around American desserts, here you will find tarts, cinnamon rolls (believed to be the best thing on the menu after the cupcakes), brownies, cheesecakes, pies and a changing, special dessert for the day. If you're here with the gang and want to start off with quick bites or savouries, order the freshly baked cheese and jalapeno rolls among others.

There is no seating available, hence feel free to stand in the shop and finish the delicious cupcake that you have ordered or you might as well opt for a takeaway. Come the festive season, be sure to double down on their Pumpkin Pie, it's sort of a cult favourite that side of town.


Ever since Covid-19 struck The Bakers' Table has had to shut down their physical bakery temporarily. Lucky for us, they are take orders from home, only on pre-order basis (at least 48 hours before pick up). Find all deets on their Facebook handle.