Wade Through A River And Reach This Hidden Waterfall Deep Inside The Greens Of Sirsi



For adventurers who are always in search of a new place to explore, the hidden and relatively unknown Mattighatta Falls in Sirsi is one place you can set your GPS to.  

What Makes It Awesome

Hidden away amongst the hills and evergreen forests, Mattighatta Falls in Sirsi is a relatively unknown waterfall near Bangalore. And because it's so unknown, it's almost untouched and perfect to explore. Fair warning city slickers, this is not your one-day getaway where you trek for a bit and then lo behold you've reached your destination. It's more for the adventurers and trekkers who don't mind roughing it out in the wild. To get to the waterfalls, you'll need to ride down to a sleepy little village called Hegde Katta, which is about 13-odd kilometres from Sirsi. The locals should help out, should you be lost, since the network is a bit patchy around these parts. From the village, it's straight to Kelangina Keri via the Mattighatta village.

The real adventure begins here with two options for you to reach the falls. We recommend taking the scenic route through arecanut plantations and the river in Siddi Mane. The locals again should help you out and once you've descended into the river nearby, it's following the river path. Do note that the water levels can be pretty high during monsoons, so depending on the time you are going, tread carefully. It's a narrow river with boulders and rocks on either side. About two kilometres in, you should reach the base of the waterfalls. Cool off in the fresh and cool water before proceeding uphill. The view from the top is picturesque with the gushing waterfalls and the serpentine river flowing about.  

What Could Be Better

There are no amenities here and that includes trash cans, so if you are planning on a picnic or spending the day here, we highly recommend you clean up afterwards and not litter the place. 


The best time to visit is during the monsoons when the waterfall is gushing about in all its glory.