We Found The Top 30 Business Mums And The #AWESOME Brands They Created!


    Society almost always puts a woman’s motherly duties over and above everything and being a mother becomes her ultimate identity. But the new age moms don’t look at motherhood as a hurdle nor do they let motherhood stop them from achieving their professional goals.  

    This Mother’s Day, LBB in partnership with Forevermark launched #MomsRunTheWorld to put the spotlight on entrepreneurs and builders, who are also mothers. 

    So, in the search for mothers who are following their passion, and running the world one business idea at a time, we found LBB’s Top 30 Business Moms and the #AWESOME brands they launched! 

    Check them out below:

    Guneesha Kohli: Paripari Life

    Anshu Jain: Mini Mods

    Aakansha Agarwal: My Enchanted Door

    Neha Rahim: La Fiza

    Deepa Thomas: Pigment Edit

    Aanchal Sodhani Tuli: Common Threads

    Nithya G: Habbada Fashions

    Monica Kumar: The Divine Flowers 

    Astha Sharma: Ivy Apparel

    Mehak K Mehra: Palak and Mehak

    Sushma Sancheti: Gnomie Tales 

    Avni Sricharan: LipHue 

    Lavanya Lakshmanan: Jopokart

    Tanvi Kataruka: Tickled Pink 

    Shilpi Patni: Moon Cinema

    Purvi Rohit Pugalia: Muchilious 

    Deepti Bhandari: Doh Dough

    Sonali Philip: So Dough

    Minali Agarwal: Pepplay

    Swati Gangwal & Aruba: Ikeda Designs

    Nupur Kedia: Gamerheads

    Krinda Mehta: Aikya Jewellery

    Supriya Palav: Priaa Soaps

    Mamta Jadhav: House of Mamta

    Indira Prashant: The Yard House 

    Alpa Arora: Svaaro Natural Oil Blends

    Neha Kare Kanabar: Unimo, Universe of Moms 

    Shambhavi Pandey: Hasthakala Curators

    Ritika Gupta Merchant: CRABO

    Deepali Dhabu: Renee Designs 

    Here’s to all moms ruling and winning the world! More power to you!