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Green Masala Idlis And Open Butter Masala Dosas At The Iconic New Krishna Bhavan In Malleswaram

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In business since 1952, New Krishna Bhavan serves up unusual South Indian treats along with the classics. Breakfast specials include Green Masala Idlis and Open Butter Masala Dosas. 

Breakfast Bonanza

Want to be served a slice of old-world charm along with your breakfast? Then, New Krishna Bhavan {also known as Gopika} on the busy Sampige Road will not disappoint. Housed in a large, old-fashioned building {along with a party hall and a lodge}, New Krishna Bhavan began operations in the 50s. While they have staples from around South India, they are partial to delicacies from Udupi.

During breakfast hours, you’ll see plenty of families and groups of men armed with newspapers dropping by for their first meal of the day. We recommend a pick from their ‘Unusuals’ list that includes the Green Masala Idli — tiny, button idlis fried up in a ghee and doused in a palak-based sauce. This dish has plenty of Chinese-Indian influences going on and comes with a subtle hit of chilly too. We also liked the filling Open Butter Masala Dosa. It is a bit thicker and fluffier than most masala dosas, but the open dosa came with a generous helping of potato palya that’s topped with an ever more generous serving of butter.

South India On A Plate

They have specials for each meal and you can swing by for their many out of the box offerings through the day. For lunch, they serve stuffed idlis along with their meals. You can also sign up for crisp Mandya-style ragi dosas, neer dosa, and bisi bele bath. Snack time too promises treats like tomato omelettes {pure veg} and Mysore bonda soup.